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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Travel Hacks you need to know this Summer

It’s time to listen to the craving for adventure and relaxation! Traditionally, the months of April and May are considered our summer season. Officially, there is no “summer” in the Philippines as it only has two seasons, namely wet and dry. But that does not stop Filipinos from enjoying summer activities here or outside the country. 


Whether it’s because of the rising temperature or the many days off due to regular holidays (with the Labor Day holiday coming up), it’s only natural for that vacation yearning to be strong this time of the year. 

Vacation time is limited, so it is best utilized properly. The best holidays are those that you thoughtfully prepare for. Strategic vacation planning does not only lessen issues during your days off; it can also save you some significant pesos.

Want to maximize your enjoyment—and your hard-earned money—this summer? Here are some hacks you need to know!  


Save money on flights


The key to spending less when going on vacation is to plan it early. This allows you to get the best possible deals on accommodations or flights. Airline tickets and hotel rooms get more expensive when booked closer to your travel dates—not to mention limiting your choices, possibly forcing you to get less-than-ideal deals.


You can still be a spontaneous traveler while being budget-friendly; you just have to know where you can legit deals online. Luckily, there are many promos available online if you use your RCBC Credit Cards.


For instance, travel with Qatar Airways and get sweet discounts when you book your ticket using your RCBC Mastercard Credit Card. Get a seven to 10-percent discount on economy and business class fares by using the promo code MASTERCARD when you pay with your RCBC Mastercard credit card via Booking period is until August 31, 2024; travel period is until December 31, 2024.  


Your R&R starts at the airport


Long waiting times before a flight or during layovers can be tiring. Airports do have public establishments and seating available for flyers, yet nothing beats being able to relax at a place with more space and privacy. Check the airport for lounges or sleeping pods if you need a quick rest before your flight or if your waiting time is long. You wouldn’t want to be dead tired even before you start your vacation!

Did you know that RCBC card holders have free access to PAGSS International Lounges at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminals 1 and 3? Simply present your  card and your international flight boarding pass to gain access! Principal holders of premium RCBC Credit Cards and one travel companion can enjoy unlimited lounge access, while Gold, Classic, and co-branded RCBC Credit Cards can get access for a fee of US$25.


Accommodation deals

Many say a traveler can afford to be cheap on accommodations because he would be out of the room most of the day during their vacation anyway. There is wisdom to this tip. But on the other hand, extremely bad accommodation can ruin your vacation especially if your lodgings don’t have the amenities you would need (for instance, cheap hotels don’t allow guests to leave their bags at reception or provide more than one key for your room).

So it’s best to skip those shady accommodations. Avail of online promos to get the best option for your budget. For instance, get eight percent off on hotel bookings worldwide if you book your rooms using your RCBC Visa Credit Cards via travel website Agoda. Booking period is until December 31, 2025, while stay period is until March 31, 2026. Book your hotel room via,select a “promotion eligible” hotel, and pay using your RCBC Visa credit card to avail of the discount.


Meanwhile, you can get up to 30 percent off as well on select accommodations worldwide via if you pay using your RCBC Mastercard Credit Card. Book your room through for more details.


Prepare requirements


Going out of the country? Make sure you check travel requirements first before buying your ticket and booking your accommodations. Travel visas and valid passports are common requirements, but some countries have additional prerequisites—including travel insurance, health documentation, and COVID-19 vaccination proof, among others. Not preparing this beforehand can cause a lot of problems come vacation time, so make sure you’re prepared.

Likewise, make sure you are familiar with your destination’s local currency. Does your destination still widely accept cash or does it mostly transact via debit and credit cards? Your RCBC Credit Card is widely accepted abroad so you do not need to bring a lot of cash with you.  To save on foreign exchange conversion fees, remember to always choose the currency of the country where you are in.  Download the RCBC Pulz app so you can still manage and monitor your funds digitally.


It is always a good idea to bring some cash and RCBC Online FX Facility is here to make it easier for you. Before your travel, you can use your RCBC Pulz to purchase foreign currency for your travel. Open your Pulz app, select your major currency, and choose your preferred branch and date to pick up your exchanged foreign currency notes. You will need an FX Global account for this. You can even convert currencies (from foreign currency to Philippine pesos and vice versa) with your foreign currency account as long as it is enrolled to your RCBC Pulz account. Don’t have a FX Global  account yet? You can easily open via the app, with zero maintaining balance.


As you embark on your journey this summer season, don’t forget to pack your passport, your mobile phone along with your RCBC debit and credit cards – your indispensable allies for modern-day travelling. 


For more travel deals and discounts, visit 

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