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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Yee Pioneers Likha Collab: Unveiling an All-Filipino Natural Marketplace

Living sustainably means making choices that align with a healthier planet and a healthier lifestyle. In today's consumer-driven society, one of the most impactful choices we can make is opting for products that are toxin-free and organic.

Pioneering a new era of conscious consumerism, Pinky T. Yee, the visionary behind Pure Essentials Specialist Corp (PESC), introduced Likha Collab to the public sphere on Monday in celebration of Earth Day. This breakthrough e-commerce marketplace is designed to collaborate with Filipino micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME’s) in showcasing their products to a wider audience.

Left to right; Abdul Paravengal,- Pulse63 Managing Director, Czar Carbonel - Magwai Organics founder; Pinky T. Yee, Likha Collab and Pure Essentials Specialist Corp. founder; MG Claveria representative of Human Nature; Trixie Odiamar, Isarog Beautanics founder; Marvin Chua, Wonderhome Naturals founder; and Paulo Campos - Kaya Founders Managing General Partner, and Pulse63 Ventures Founding Partner

Partnered with Pulse63, a health-focused business accelerator, Yee conceptualized the marketplace as a vetted space for local entrepreneurs and business owners who champion the cause of sustainability, environmental consciousness, and label transparency, while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Yee expressed her vision for Likha Collab to emerge as the preferred destination for enthusiasts of natural living and advocates of local businesses. The innovative space, she added, was borne out of her “desire to help bring Earth-friendly Filipino-made brands and to transform every Filipino home to conscious and biodegradable living.”

According to Abdul Paravengal, Managing Director of Pulse63, Yee’s advocacy towards healthy living and showcasing selected home-grown brands were among the key factors that led them into collaborating with Likha Collab, empowered by their accelerator program.


Yee also underscored the importance of label literacy and consumer awareness. “We vet our partner brands rigorously, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies, accurate labeling, and of course, the exclusion of harmful ingredients in their products,” she remarked.


In addition to the marketplace, Likha Collab also launched alongside its accompanying Facebook community, Eco Friends PH, to serve as a platform for individuals embarking on their sustainable living journey. The interactive space serves to inspire and facilitate discussions among consumers and like-minded advocates. It also aspires to become an avenue for industry experts from the medical and business sectors to promote awareness and respond to forums.


Among the pioneer brands that joined the mission of Likha Collab are Oryspa, Human Nature, Magwai, Wonderhome Naturals, Pure Culture, and Isarog. Additionally, the marketplace also includes LivClean, First Skincare, and First Botanicals as its house brands.


"We extend an open invitation to local MSMEs to join us in our commitment to provide homes with products that are free from toxic chemicals, safe for all ages, and beneficial for both the family and the planet," concluded Yee.


Join the movement in making better and responsible choices, and explore Likha Collab’s offerings by visiting

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