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Monday, April 8, 2024

Introducing Frontline Express: Ruth Cabal Anchors TV5's New Afternoon Newscast for Concise, Comprehensive Updates

 Get ready for a swift dive into the latest headlines as TV5 emerges as your ultimate destination for quick news updates this summer. The Kapatid network proudly introduces esteemed journalist Ruth Cabal as the anchor of their new afternoon newscast, Frontline Express, a concise yet comprehensive 15-minute live news update that airs every Monday to Friday at 3:15 PM.

With a distinguished career marked by widespread acclaim, Ruth Cabal stands as a stalwart figure in the world of journalism. Her previous endeavors include anchoring CNN Philippines’ daily Filipino newscast, Newsroom Ngayon, producing numerous audio-video packages and live reports. She also served as a trusted broadcasting part-time lecturer at a state university. Her fearless pursuit of truth and dedication to quality reporting have earned her respect and admiration from peers and viewers alike.


Renowned for her incisive reporting and insightful commentary, Ruth Cabal brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as the newest anchor of Frontline Express. Her addition to the program not only strengthens TV5’s commitment to delivering accurate and engaging news but also symbolizes a full-circle moment as Ruth returns to her roots, having started her career with TV5, then ABC 5.


Frontline Express is designed to provide audiences with a quick and reliable source of information, allowing viewers to stay informed without the disruption of their daily routines. With Ruth Cabal at the helm, this marks another significant milestone for TV5 in strengthening the network’s news and information arm, News5. Ruth’s extensive experience as a seasoned and well-rounded journalist ensures that viewers will receive top-notch reporting and analysis.


Tune in for a dynamic and insightful 15-minute live news update with one of the country’s most reputable journalists. Don't miss Ruth Cabal as she navigates through the headlines on Frontline Express every Monday to Friday at 3:15PM, and soon in more of TV5’s news and current affair programs.

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