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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Create your Own Feast at Vikings

Since I first heard about Vikings opening at the SM Mall of Asia, I have always wanted to try it out and experience for why everybody had been talking about it.
When they opened their SM North Edsa branch, my friends and I, who were buffet fanatics and were always on the “hunt” for new eat-all-you-can restaurants, tried several times to line up at Vikings, unfortunately, each time we tried to make a reservation, the waiting time was like 4 to 5 hours—which proved to be impossible for BPO drones like us.
I finally got past the waiting line at the newly-opened Viking’s Megamall with the surprise invitation of OrangeMagazine publisher Jeman Villanueva.

Again there was a long queue outside the restaurant, while those dining inside don’t seem to have any plans of finished their meals anytime soon. Pineapple juice were being served to the waiting guests and I thought we were also going to be waiting for quite a while.
But after mentioning our names to the receptionist, I was amazed that we were immediately ushered in like VIPs!

We got a very nice table just behind the Beverage bar where they were serving draft beer, hot tea Twinnings (my favorite), juices, water, sodas and a tea-infused juice section.
The place was very spacious enough to accommodate 500 guests and it was the largest buffet restaurant I have been to.

Shortly after we started, we were greeted by Vikings Megamall manager Ms. Racquel Bartolome, who guaranteed a fabulous and memorable dining experience that night.
Each store, I learned had different concept designs but each had to suit its fine dining theme and the vast array of dishes they have available. I liked the layout since each table was spaced out appropriately enough to make you comfortable even if the place was packed.
She then introduced Chef Ross who was the on-duty chef and gladly prepared the best savoury crab with peppercorn right at our table.

Chef Ross

Savoury crab with peppercorn

 After 10 minutes, Chef Adam (sous chef) surprised us with the delicious sweet Mango crepe with chocolate drizzle, the mouth watering crepe I have ever laid my eyes upon. I liked how it was plated. Not to mention, that it was the best tasted crepe in town.

Mango crepe
Vikings Megamall Manager Ms. Racquel Bartolome and Chef Adam

I convinced myself later that night that this would be my grand cheat day of the year,  I got my plate and proceeded to my favorite section which was the seafood section. Bon appetit!

After eyeing what was in store for me, there were seashells, oysters, mussels, squid, salmon and tuna to choose from that are ready to be grilled  I picked around 5 strips of salmon belly, tuna and 4 pieces slices of snapper(fish). The cook told me that it would be served at our table, in a bit.

Beside the grilled station is the Freshly made Ramen Noodles, I made myself one , I wanted my soup first, to seal off the flavor of my grilled seafood, it was hot spicy and delicious the way I wanted it to be.

  I also partook some of the spring rolls which were yummy and deliciously spiced with garlic.

 Tapas bar, with clams, mushrooms and other dishes where you can make your own dishes to your heart desire.

 A salad bar was also provided for the vegetarian with the dressings of your choice, be it caesar, balsamic or vinaigrette or their own specialty Vikings island dressings.

 And who would say no to hakao and all the dumplings that you could eat? As this was served hot and ooh so deliciously prepared with chili sauce. Yum!

Their shabu shabu section, where you could pair all the ingredients that you want.

And of course the day would never be complete without the boneless lechon, lamb and turkey, I wasnt able to get a clear close up picture because of the long queue in front of me, as much as I wanted to.

Their chapchae was soo good, and all the other dishes which  was best served with rice at this section.

Smoked sausage, pica pica foods were stationed here.

All of this are freshly baked to go with your appetizer, the blueberry danish was divine, I tell you, it has the melt in the mouth goodness.

If youre into pasta, spaghetti, aglio olio and the like then this one is for you, freshly made pasta while you wait.

Baked cheese macaroni to perfection, this is their bestseller.

To all the pizza lovers, this section is dedicated, with all the toppings, meat, cheeses that you want,  while you wait, piping hot pizzas in thin or thick crust of your choice.

Then came the Dessert Section, for the sweet tooth,  I fell in love right away with the chocolates, panna cottas, death by chocolate cakes, and all the sweets that you could imagine. 

The chocolate and white chocolate fountain, pick the marshmallows or fruits that you could dipped here.

This was by far the largest buffet restaurants that I have ever been to, and I highly recommend this to everyone with exquisite taste, for a fraction of a price, you dont know what you are missing until you get in eat and drink. My pictures did not do justice because I only took half of what was offered inside. There were food sections that I didnt get to shoot, because we went a little bit late before closing time.   For my next visit, you will get to see all your favorite Vikings dishes.

Vikings - A Feast from the Sea
Location: 4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D, SM Megamall, Julio Vargas cor. EDSA Mandaluyong

Contact No.: (02) 656-3888 / 656-48888 / 656-5888

Service Charge: 5% before VAT

Vikings Buffet Rates/Prices - SM Megamall Branch
Weekday Lunch
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P188
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P388
Adults || P688

Weekday Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P288
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P588
Adults || P888

Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P388
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P688
Adults || P1,088
Kids below 3 feet are FREE of charge!

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