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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Stress is one of the most common and life threatening illness that affects our body. Everyday, we  embrace in different level of stress from our work deadlines, traffic, finance, and family matters. What’s more alarming is that stress-related disorders encompasses a broad array of conditions, including detoriation of gums,  heart problems, gastroenteritis, and cancer.

The truth is, almost half of the population in the country, is experiencing high-level of stress. One of the most effective methods of coping with stress is taking care of ourselves. Staying fit and healthy is one way to battle these stress-related disorders. But with the fast-paced lifestyle and technology today, most of us failed to do healthy living chores.

Filipino-owned company GoldLife Distribution Phils.Inc, which distributes healthy and supplement products in the country, believes that nutraceutical line of products is the next way to go in strengthening the quality of life and health of every individual. These nutraceutical products is designed to bring prevention, and reinforcement of defense system, and protection to the body in a more natural way. Thus, reducing stress related disorders.

Their product—Chlorevita capsule—is one good example. It contains 100-percent Chlorella—a unicellular fresh green algae, which is abundant source of nutrients. In the food we take, the amount of nutrients that our body absorbs is important. Chlorevita has Chlorella, which is packed with Vitamins B6 and C necessary to achieve proper metabolism. With over 20 vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, Chlorella in Chlorevita is considered a treasure house of micronutrients.

Chlorevita is characterized as a whole food that provides readily absorbed nutrients through its pure Chlorella content that is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and fiber. This super food contains the “building blocks of life” through the protein, which makes up 60-percent as the primary life substance of our body responsible for the state of our structural and functional compositions.

Chlorevita is also known for being the best product to detoxify, cleanse toxins, and for containing Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Studies shows that CGF promotes faster growth for children than the normal without adverse side effect, while in adults it enhances DNA functions responsible for production of proteins, enzymes and energy, stimulates tissue repair, and protects against toxic substance.

“Chlorevita has lots of health benefits. It helps every person achieves a leaner and fitter body because of its fiber components that flushes fats and cholesterol out of the body, while its protein content builds muscles on those who exercise,” said, May Morales, Marketing Manager of GoldLife Distribution Phils.Inc.

“With combined diet and exercise, Chlorevita is an excellent choice this summer to achieve that ideal weight everyone wants to have,” adds Morales.

In our body, Chlorevita helps promotes immune stimulation properties such as detoxification, boosts energy level, prevents colon cancer, supports joints and muscles, and optimized health in the aging process.

Morales shared, “At GoldLife, we strive to promote wellness by encouraging the practice of prevention through our quality and affordable products, so that every person may enjoy the abundant life that awaits the healthy and happy human being.”

To stay healthy this summer, you can take one to two capsules a day or two to six capsules (for diagnostic purpose) of Chlorevita. GoldLife Distribution Phils.Inc is the exclusive distributor of Chlorevita.

The company is a recipient of 2011 most outstanding wellness health products provider at the Consumers Choice Award and most outstanding health and wellness marketing company at the Global Brand Awards.

For product inquiries, call (02) 410-0100 or log on at

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