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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let The Good Times Roll at Shakey's

For a generation who grew up on new wave music, Bon Jovi, and Madonna, we only knew one name and place for pizza and pasta--- Shakey’s.

With their trademark thin crust pizza that was so crunchy and goes best with a Bunch of Lunch, spaghetti, milkshake and Beer, Shakey’s has been part of our teenage years as much as the Pinoy kids who grew up before us and even the youth of today.

It has been a part of my college life where my college classmates and I were regular weekend figures at their Espana branch.
This was the time when visiting Shakey’s meant saving our entire week’s allowance, as we did not want to settle for just any other pizza place.  It was the only hangout where we felt safe, drinking beers and laughing our hearts out as we shared stories.

It became the place for our “Friday” bonding moments  where we argued over failed relationships, gossiped about finding new ones, compared crushes, bragged about good grades, and terror professors, over 5 orders of bunch of lunch,  slices of crunchy pizza , spaghetti and 2 pitchers of draft beer. Those were the days filled with good memories and food.

Fast forward to the now generation. I just discovered their Quezon Avenue branch when I attended a colleague’s children's birthday party. The place was big to sit 300 visitors, the interiors were elegantly designed. There was also a Funzone for the young and young at heart, with arcade games such as foosball, but for me the part that excited me the most was getting reunited with some old “friends.”
As soon as they served that all-too-familiar thin crust pizza, all the memories back from college days flashed right before me. It was nostalgic first bite, and Shakeys for all its goodness will be here to stay.
Things may have changed in the food industry, but Shakey’s has retained their all-time favorites that can surely  bridge any generation gap.

For Shakey’s, their identity has always been a family restaurant, with pizzas that encourage hearty eating and bonding over a delicious meal. It’s not just their namesake offer, however, that has guests craving for more, but a whole lineup of favorites that have made them the destination for good times and great memories.
 “Pizza is meant to be shared,” Vicente L. Gregorio, CEO of Shakey’s told us bloggers at a recent media lunch. “It is natural to share pizza, big or small, with other people-family, friends, or even strangers.”
Often considered the soul of the Shakey’s brand, their pizzas come in various exciting flavors and a variety of crusts. Their Manager's Choice, Friday Special, Angus Steakhouse, and Belly Buster number among a few of the brand’s more popular variants. Hinging off an exceptional thin or hand-tossed crust and premium ingredients, these choices are rich in flavor and pack on a lot of value.

Of course, pizza isn’t the only thing on offer with Shakey’s gradually expanding their menu to fit their growing clientele. Fans also flock to the brand’s awesome twosome Chicken ‘N Mojos for days when the hunger pangs hit hard. These classic mainstays reached high popularity among many, both as in-house treats and via delivery. The brand also introduced yet another complement to their pizzas with the classic Shakey’s Super Shakes.

Eventually, the brand sought to provide more variety with newer and more stimulating additions to the menu. Their appetizers, such as the Shrimp Poppers, and American Salad and pasta dishes, like Prima Lasagna, gained traction with diners who were pleasantly surprised by fresh selections, still with the same quality, taste, and value.

Shakey’s only continues to innovate, keeping up with the changing mindset of their modern diners. They continue to produce food that leaves a lasting impression, making the Shakey’s name a relevant mainstay in the Metro’s food scene.

Legacy Stores

Shakey’s has always endeavored to live by a standard of guest satisfaction, keeping the family at the forefront of all its operations. With the conception of their new legacy stores, they are adding yet another phase to its marketing strategy.

“The main goal of Shakey’s is to be an iconic brand, something that lasts longer than a lifetime,” added Gregorio. “Shakey’s Legacy Stores are marketing flagships that typify our corporate philosophy, traditions, and core values,” he adds.

Aimed at providing the best for the family, each legacy store contains the same offerings that have made Shakey’s a favorite among many in the Metro. More spacious, brightly lit, and located at locations separate from other establishments, each one projects the presence and stability of the Shakey’s brand.

Features such as long communal tables, Shakey’s FunZone arcade areas, and ample parking spaces cater to the needs of the family. Hinging on their desire to provide good times and great memories, Shakey’s creates a place that is conducive to conversation and enjoyment. Guests can indulge in the same quality and value that has made Shakey’s a family favorite, while benefitting from the refreshing ambiance.

Aimed at providing the best for the family, each legacy store contains the same offerings that have made Shakey’s a favorite among many in the Metro. More spacious, brightly lit, and located at locations separate from other establishments, each one projects the presence and stability of the Shakey’s brand.

The Shakey’s Legacy Stores are located along Loyola, Shaw 500, Marcos HIghway, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Bacoor Junction, San Pedro, Lipa, E. Rodriguez and Quezon Avenue with more slated to open this year. Both a complement to existing Shakey’s branches and assets by themselves, the Legacy Stores are here to stay.

As part of its advocacy for the youth, Shakey’s has also come up with the Shakey's V-League. Primarily a collegiate women's volleyball league it has been active since 2004 with teams coming from the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation (CESAFI), among others. Since 2011, non-collegiate teams have joined the league - such as, MERALCO, Maynilad, the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and the Philippine National Police.

The UST Tigresses is the team with the most number of titles in the league having won six championships, followed by the De La Salle Lady Spikers with three.

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