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Friday, April 11, 2014

Alaska Shares the Journey of Growing Up with Royal FrieslandCampina

The Alaska Milk Corporation has partnered  with Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s leading dairy companies to come up with milk formula for 3 years old onwards, Friso  4 is specially
 formulated for your growing child. It contains nutrients to support the child’s physical and mental development, that include Prebiotic and Probiotics, DHA, AA, Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc and Selenium,  all the vitamins needed for those formatted years.

Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s leading dairy companies ventured into producing quality milk that aids not only in digestion but helps children absorb necessary nutrients for growing up and becoming strong inside and out. Through extensive research and innovations in milk
production, Royal FrieslandCampina has endeavoured to ensure that it produces milk that will provide premium nutrition for infants an young children. 

Royal FrieslandCampina’s milk production begins with liquid raw materials, as fresh as possible, which go directly into processing. This technique allows the final product to be subjected to less heat treatment, thereby preserving more of the native state of proteins.  This leads to less protein denaturation and glycation. Low levels of glycation mean less digestive issues for babies.

Present during the Friso launched partnership with Alaska Milk Corporation at Solaire Resort are Tiffany Anne Santuyo, Registered nutritionist/Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant of Alaska Milk Corporation and from the FreislandCampina Dairy Foods, Dr. Henkjan Verkade, Prof. of Pedriatics University of Groningen, University Medical Center, Groningen, The Netherlands/Consultant, and Dr. Anne Schaafsma, Senior Scientist Nutrition, Global Nutrition Development team of FreislandCampina Innovations International.

A premium global brand which has been in the business for over 130 years, Royal FrieslandCampina and its products have made its presence strongly felt in more than 100 countries worldwide.  Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) a leading Filipino milk company which has established its brand leadership for 40 years in the country, is proud to merged with Royal FrieslandCampina.
With stringent quality control, and its solid focus on promoting innovation, Alaska Milk Corporation and Royal FrieslandCampina are committed to deliver products which promote proper digestion and
absorption that will help infants and young children grow healthy inside and out.

Friso Four and Frisomum is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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