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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Outdoor Backpack: Built to Last a Lifetime

I've always considered myself a "backpacker" kind of person-- always ready and on the go.

Even during my highschool and college days, while most of my girl friends have moved into shoulder bags handbags and more kikay bags, I still preferred a backpack. Its handy, roomy and made me feel secure, knowing I have everything I need in a trusty bag.

Unfortunately, I had to retire my backpack when I started working at a hospital. At that time thieves were targeting those with backpacks as easy prey by ripping or slashing it off to steal the bag contents.

It was only a few years ago when i got myself another backpack, while preparing for my first trip after a loooong time. And as soon as the straps hugged my shoulders and back, all the fond youthful memories returned-- it felt like rekindling a long lost love.

That backpack has seen better days and has been a constant companion as I renewed my passion for adventures. Once  I went  mountain hiking and our entire group got lost for almost 6 hours and it was the snug fit of my backpack that hugged me and made me feel safe.

It went shopping with me in Hongkong, rode several Disneyland and Ocean Park  rides with me  quietly enduring the long queues, and the many bumps and falls.

It was part of the selfies i took as i hopped around those hotels in Macau and welcomed all the souvenirs i wanted to bring home.

I love my backpack simply because it is so easy to tote around and, goes well with any clothes and fashion  accesory that I have.

So Imagine, my luck when i got a new backpack-- a pink one with hearts at that when i attended the OUTDOOR PRODUCTS  Instameet last Saturday. It was held at the famous Lime 88 KantoBreakfast in Mandaluyong.

 I joined several bloggers and members of IGERS manila as we were introduced to a brand that surprisingly has been around since 1973. Ive never heard of the brand before the event but was quite impressed by the rip off challenge.

Eros Enriquez , the Asst. Marketing Manager of United Limsum International Trading Inc.showed us a bag that has survived 10 mall shows and 20 school trips with participants trying their best to rip off the bag. That is built to last, can withstand the test of time. Not to mention, that I love its eyecandy colors.

 Whether it’s a sleepover, an out of town weekend, a hiking or mountaineering adventure, or a journey thousands of miles across the sea, there is one essential piece of equipment that has become the favorite of travelers—the Backpack.

But with all of the choices and brands out there, you have to be able to choose the one that best suits even your everyday adventures.

“What is the first thing that gets ruined or damaged on your Backpack?”  Eros Enriquez, Asst. Marketing Manager of United Limsum International Trading, Inc asked bloggers and members of IGERSManila at the first Outdoor INSTAmeet event held Saturday at Lime 88, Mandaluyong City.


“How many times do you open your bag in a day? For those passing by malls or riding the MRT/LRT, that could mean a lot of opening and closing every single day. Outdoor Products only use genuine YKK (Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha) Zippers one of the most trusted and durable zippers used by manufacturers in the world.

The next thing, Enriquez said, that usually gets damaged in our bags are the straps. “Outdoor Products uses Seam Locked Reinforcement--Reinforced Straps through high quality seaming for durability.”

And lastly to make sure that everything inside your bag stays safe, Outdoor Products are made using Cordura and Kodra-- materials known for their toughness.

 “Cordura and Kodra are very abrasion resistant and have a high tear strength. These are the fabrics used for army fatigues and backpacks, extreme games apparel, and heavy load works. It is also more lightweight as compared to canvas materials, and polyurethane coated Kodra and Cordura are even considered waterproof.”

To demonstrate just how tough their bags are, the brand has been holding the Outdoor Products Journey – Rip-off Challenge Road Show. And so far, after 10 SM Malls and 20 University/Colleges, no one has been successful in tearing their bag apart.

And just to show how confident its distributors are about the brand it is even offering a Lifetime Guarantee on their bags.

“We want you to get to your destination with comfort and ease, from point A to point B, get your job done in school or at work and help you create great memories in your travels with OUTDOOR PRODUCTS® bags.”

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