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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Experience Magnum: The Pleasure Maker


The first thing that comes to mind when you say Magnum is the creamiest, "chocolate-iest" ice cream that is well loved all over the world.

Since it launched 2 years ago , everyone has been talking about Magnum as if you have never taste ice cream until you have tasted one of Magnum's several variants. So imagine my surprise when I found out that Magnum will be opening its own first Pleasure Store in the Philippines.

A pleasure store redefines the Magnum experience by allowing its guests to create their own custom magnum bars. The Magnum Pleasure Stores have since been executed in world class cities including London, Paris, Shanghai, Mexico City, Hamburg, Milan, Jakarta and now in the Philippines. Picture all the toppings that you have in mind, starting from nuts, fruits, gold nuggets, sea salt to chili flakes for the adventurous taste buds. Go and prepare to meet the pleasure maker at the Magnum Cafe. Share your experience this summer.

If there’s anything we’ve learned about Magnum thus far, it’s that it never fails to impress. Since its launch in Manila two years ago, Magnum has become the name (and ice cream) on everybody’s lips – and rightly so. The luxurious taste of velvety ice cream and real Belgian chocolate put together in one smooth, decadent bar is enough to keep any Magnum fan clamoring for more. This year, the Golden age of Magnum not only excites everybody with a massive launch of the Magnum Gold, but also gives its fans the ultimate brand experience by taking them into what they call Magnum Manila.

In premium locations all over the world, special pop-up stores called Magnum Pleasure Stores have been the most awaited ice cream experience worldwide. With its unique design and its wide array of tasty dishes, Magnum Pleasure Stores have become a go-to hotspot in its respective host cities – from Milan and Cannes to New York and London. Finally, it’s our turn to hold that golden ticket, as Magnum announces the arrival of our own pleasure store, Magnum Manila.

Why “Pleasure Store”? Because that is exactly what it is. Though each store varies in size, shape, and design, what binds them together is the most exciting part of all. Magnum Manila will afford customers the chance to create their very own Magnum bar. Indulge in the ultimate Magnum Experience through Make your own Magnum which grants you the luxury of tailoring your Magnum to best satisfy your sweet desires. Have your say by selecting from the most varied and sophisticated toppings you’ll come across which include the Magnum classics like almonds & crushed chocolate chip cookies as well special choices like freeze dried raspberries or gold nuggets not to mention experimental toppings, like chili flakes or sea salt, for those craving a bit more adventure. However way you want it, this is the place to indulge.

Now open at Aura’s SkyPark Dining, Magnum Manila delivers its own special take on the Pleasure Store, featuring the sleek, modern architecture of Ed Calma. As for the man behind the savory dishes on the Magnum Manila menu, Magnum is proud to announce the collaboration with executive chef of Chef Cuisine catering and owner of Nomama, Chef Him Uy de Baron. As well as the man who created all the dessert dishes, Chef Miko Aspiras who is an award winning pastry Chef in global competitions and is one of the pastry chefs of a premier hotel in the country. With these names behind the project, Magnum Manila is an exhibition of no less than Manila’s greatest talents.

 Carrying on the success of Pleasure Stores around the world, Magnum Manila is sure to be the next big thing to look out for in the Metro. With each visit a unique experience is made. As summer rolls in, what could be more perfect than indulging in a cold, luxurious Belgian chocolate bar of Magnum made with the finest and most premium ingredients, just the way you like it? With Magnum Manila underway, we’re in for a real treat.

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