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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Find Me at Oppo Smartphones.

Its the impressive specs, design, durability and fast charging speed that made me like this China smartphone Oppo.  It earned the "respect" of the discerning eye of the media who attended the Oppo event on April 10, 2014 at the Grand Ballroom of Sofitel, Manila.  After testing the N1 and Find Me's, I would like to have an instant smartphone replacement right away. According to reports, Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio got paid  $5 million as endorser for their Find Me commercial.

OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd., a globally registered technology brand,officially made its presence felt in the Philippine market as it held a grand launch at the Sofitel.  The event also coincided with the revelation of their flagship phone, the OPPO Find 7 with the Philippines as the second country to launch this latest innovation, after China.

“We are extremely excited to launch the OPPO brand and our leading mobile technologies to the Philippine market. OPPO prides itself in delivering world-class innovations that cater to consumers with different requirements when it comes to their mobile needs. We utilize top of the line technologies to bring different smartphone revolutions that raise the bar in mobile devices. Thus, we are happy to introduce our latest innovation, the Find 7, to the Philippines,” said CEO Mr. James Ma of Philippines OPPO Mobile Technology, Inc.

Setting the standard for what is to come,the Find 7 is a smartphone that is designed to push the limits of modern mobile technology.

Extreme Beauty, Clarity Redefined

Though it might not be a suitable replacement for a hammer just like its predecessor, the OPPO Find 7 however hammers down a meticulously design to ensure that each and every detail was attentively implemented with the user in mind.

The body frame presents a pure and natural ink-like display that perfectly blends with the shiny black panel of the Find 7. It is made of the latest aerospace qualified Titanium Aluminum alloy for increased strength, better screen protection, excellent heat dispersion and a more solid grip for users. The two sides of the smart phone are also designed to make it naturally smooth with light flowing freely, striking the prefect balance between art and comfort.

OPPO’s latest mobile phone adopts the TOL (Touch On Lens) one glass integrative binding technology where each small piece of glass is individually polished and bound in a solution. This technology contributes to fewer cracks and strengthens the Find 7’s body by 40 percent!

With Find 7, OPPO introduces consumers to a new generation of high-definition mobile phones.

“It’s Quad HD resolution will bring life’s most precious moments in captivating vivid detail,” according to Mr. Zhao Han, Find 7 Product Manager. The Find 7 boasts a large 5.5 inch screen, 2560X1440 resolution and 538ppi to bring videos and photos to life. In addition, OPPO takes advantage of Fine Pixel coating and Nature Color calibrating technologies to shrink an IMAX screen of more than 350 m2 into the palm of one’s hand.

Created to Capture

The Find 7 creates limitless photographic possibilities with the 13 megapixel camera that includes a 50 megapixel software enhancement feature withthe PI 2.0 technology thatallows the Find 7 to pick out the best parts of 10 consecutive photos and combine them to make a crisp 50 MP ultra-HD image. The video is also at an incredible 4K resolution with HDR and slow motion capabilities.

Furthermore, the Find 7 is embedded with the world’s first Sony IMX214 stacked CMOS sensor, an upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module and a wide f/2.0 aperture that allowsmore light inwhen taking photos. “The Sony IMX214 stacked CMOS sensor enables you to take great photos even in low light conditions,” explains Mr. Han. With a 32 second long exposure and a smart noise-reduction algorithm, Find 7 users will be able to take crystal clear night shots without using flash or losing image details.

VOOC: The World’s First Rapid Charging Experience

OPPO’s Find 7 is the first mobile phone that features the new and exclusive VOOC rapid charge technology which significantly increases charging speed by up to 400 percent! It includes a 3000mAh battery, customized circuits, battery cells, 7-pin USB port, data cable and a smart adapter. “This boosts Find 7’s battery life to 75% within 30 minutes, which is 4 times faster than conventional chargers. This technological innovation will allow Find 7 users to enjoy a 2 hour phone call after charging for only 5 minutes,” added Mr. Han.

Apart from the rapid charging speed, Find 7 employs an innovatively optimized circuit topological structure to reduce temperature, and builds a comprehensive 5-layer protection mechanismfrom the adapter to the interface and to the phone. Each section is heavily secured,making Find 7 the safest and fastest charging phone.

“OPPO is very excited to enter a very mature and adaptive smartphone market like the Philippines. With Find 7, OPPO is offering Filipinos an amazing mobile experience with our finest and most innovative smartphone to date,”added Mr. Ma.

Pricing and Availability

A standard version of Find 7, the Find 7a will be available in authorized retailers and resellers nationwide starting this April. Color variations include white and midnight black.

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