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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Goldilocks Make Your Mother's Day Special

Once a year, a day is dedicated to the sweet and tender loving care of our mothers. Although there can be no true equivalent for the incomparable role that they play in our lives, it is undeniable that they deserve the sweetest things possible. Just as moms have been surprising kids with Goldilocks cakes and desserts for many generations, why not surprise her with her own Goldilocks Cake this Mother’s Day?

Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, presents the new Chocolate Overload Roll made especially for moms. Like a mother’s love for us, the rich and creamy taste of chocolate overloads this roll in the best way possible. Topped off with decadent chocolate shavings, icing, and chips, and velvet like chocolate sponge cake throughout, the full Chocolate Overload Roll costs only P300, and P190 for a half roll.

For another special treat, Goldilocks offers their “tried-and-tasted” Chocolate Mousse Roll. Flawlessly topped off with whipped cream, chocolate toppers, chocolate drizzle and sprinkled with chocolate chips, the chocolate sponge cake will surely satisfy every mom’s cravings. Looking every bit as good as it tastes,the Goldilocks’ Chocolate Mousse Roll sells for P390 for a full roll, and P240 for a half roll.

Make your mother’s day special with desserts as sweet as her love. Go to your nearest Goldilocks store or dial the Goldilocks Delivery Hotline 888-1-999 today! []

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