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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday for The New Shakeys Pizza 1954

Shakey’s Tasty Throwback: The New Shakey’s Pizza 1954

It was a throwback thursday afternoon on May 22, 2014 as Shakeys Katipunan launched the new Shakey's Pizza 1954 made with its new gourmet crust, finest toppings and fresh herbs. "The secret´s in the crust. Sure to shake you up from the top right to the crust!

The gourmet pizza was served piping hot, chewy soft and delicious. I finished the first slice up to the last bite with their famous and chilled Lemon Cucumber Cooler, perfect pairing add up with their Chicken and Mojo's. The launch of Shakeys Pizza 1954 was a blast from the past, it tasted like my mother's, as it was hand tossed, with delectable dough and fresh herbs to compliment the finest ingredients and toppings. It has an amazing taste that has built the brand and made Shakey's a name in creating good times and great memories.

Shakeys Marketing and Guest Engagement Director Chez P. Manalaysay (left), with host Tricia Centenera (right), entertains mediia with Shakeys Pizza 1954 trivia.

The launch was well attended by the media and guests. Some of the media who were present was garbed in the 50's ensemble. Two fellow bloggers won the coveted "Best Dressed of the Day". It was an event made special for the Shakey's lovers in mind as everyone enjoyed the Shakeys Pizza 1954 and their favorites.

“This is truly an innovation for Shakey’s since we are the first in the pizza category to offer contemporary gourmet pizza,” says Koi Castillo, Brand Manager for Shakey’s. “We will further develop this new category of Shakey’s pizza and create more iconic products for our Guests.”

With PR/Fashion blogger Kristel Ann Cruz in her cute 50s inspired dress.

Indeed, the special touches to the new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 boast both quality and exceptional flavor combinations. Fresh Rosemary and Basil leaves, juicy morsels of Italian sausage and Angus beef, slices of Pepperoni, 100% Mozzarella cheese, savory red onions, and a sprinkling of Parmesan rest atop a yummy soft gourmet dough crust of another tantalizing Shakey’s original.

A certified standout with its unique crust and hearty mix of the finest ingredients, the new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 retains the classic Shakey’s spirit while staying true to the times.

The new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 (Php. 450) is currently available in all Shakey’s restaurants, nationwide.

In celebration of the #ShakeysPizza1954, Shakey's are giving away one (1) Mini Cooper! To join, order the Pizza 1954 with pitcher or bottomless Coca-Cola product OR the Monster Meal Deal with the Pizza 1954 as pizza variant from May 11 to June 12, 2014 and get a chance to win a Mini Cooper.

The first Shakey's parlor built on April 15, 1954  (Photo taken from Valley Community Newspapers)

The first Shakey’s Pizza Parlor & Ye Public House at 5641 J St. in East Sacramento. The community has not forgotten the many memories that this eatery delivered during its more than 40 years in East Sacramento, CA. For history's sake, this Shakey's site is special, since it was built on April 15, 1954 and became the very first Shakey's parlor. The business was founded by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson and Ed Plummer.

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