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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

CPFI adopts enhanced safety measures in manufacturing plants

To meet the upsurge in consumer demand while ensuring the health of its employees against COVID19, Century Pacific Food, Inc (CPFI), makers of tuna and sardines brands such as Century Tuna and 555, is implementing stringent health and hygiene measures in its manufacturing plants to protect workers who continue to work amidst the pandemic. 

We stand by our commitment to help ensure food security during the COVID-19 crisis by keeping our plant fully operational,“ says Greg Banzon, EVP and COO of CPFI. At the same time, we have to make the welfare of our employees a top priority to sustain operations during the Enhanced Community Quarantine period.  We have also adopted a variety of actions for the health, safety and comfort of our employees.”

Social distancing, strict hygiene measures, wearing protective personal equipment and   incentives for employees are just some of the practices strictly implemented in CPFI plants to ensure the safety of its employees and its products. 

Before employees enter the plant, they go through a strict daily screening that include temperature reading, disinfecting footbaths, and hand washing. Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed all over the plants to sustain disinfection throughout the workday.

Social distancing is also required in all key processes of production with foot markers spread across the tuna and sardine plants in General Santos and Zamboanga to help workers maintain a safe distance from each other. These markers are based on the distance prescribed by the World Health Organization. Additionally, employee-resting areas during breaks are also laid out to ensure proper social distancing.

Employees are provided with masks, hairnets and manufacturing gowns while those who interact frequently with co-workers are required to wear face shields to add extra layers of protection for workers in the production lines. 

Implementing these practices consequently adds to overall safety of CPFI canned products, where each can is processed on high heat exceeding 120 degrees Celsius and under very strict quality standards. 
CFPI also looks after the well-being of its employees by increasing employee incentives. 

Banzon says, “Our employees are the backbone of our operations and we need to keep an eye on their welfare, even more so during this global health crisis when we are doing our part in ensuring food security.

Workers receive assistance in the form of free canned goods for their families, free meals at the plant along with vitamin supplements to boost their immunity. CP
FI was also among the companies who have released the pro-rated portion of the 13th month pay. The company also offers free rides—practicing one seat apart—via the company shuttle for employees living outside the immediate community.

With these enhanced security measures in its manufacturing plants, CPFI ensures the safety of its plant workers and consequently leads to continuous availability and overall safety of CFPI canned products. 

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