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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Useful tips on what to buy, how to buy, and ways to avoid panicking during the enhanced community quarantine

With the whole country placed in an enhanced community lockdown in view of the raging COVD-19 pandemic, and with the limited mobility everyone is experiencing, the temptation to hoard during grocery runs is difficult to resist, what with the uncertainty and confusion gripping everyone.
At a time like this, panic-buying or panicking in general is something we should best avoid doing, which actually does not help the situation any. Worse still, you deprive others who also need to buy food and supplies.
As wisely suggested, the key lies in proper planning and preparation, to make the most of the trip to the market.

Because you don't want the food that you prepare and eat to get contaminated, keeping your kitchen area clean and disinfected is a must! After scrubbing countertops and other work surfaces clean, follow-up with Lysol disinfecting spray!

1.     Make a list 
As you prepare your grocery list, do a thorough inventory of your pantry—what you have and don’t; and if you have enough of something to last you a couple of weeks, then clearly there’s no need to hoard. Being properly prepared with a plan can make your grocery run quick and easy.

2.     Come up with a menu
Since you’re going to have to cook during the duration of the quarantine period, develop a menu plan of dishes you intend serve. This is also a good way to practice your culinary skills, get family members involved, and to be extra creative!

3.     Be smart with perishables
If you have perishable goods such as produce and other ingredients, consume them first while still edible. From there and based on your menu plan, you can buy these ingredients as needed without over-stocking.

4.      Stock up on shelf-stable foods
It may be also be a smart idea to stock-up on canned goods, pasta, sardines, and the like. Not only do these last longer, they are easier to prepare too.

5.     Identify freezable pantry items
Similarly, choose items whose shelf life can be extended by freezing such as meat, bread, fruits, and milk.

6.     Do not hoard                                                                                                              
Again, choose items that will last longer since stepping out of the house and trips to the grocery are limited. Buy supplies that are enough for the people in the household, while keeping in mind others out their who need to do the groceries as well. It’s all about showing courtesy and care at a difficult time like this.

7.     Include home cleaning materials as ‘essentials’
Aside from toiletries and cleaning supplies, don’t forget to have household disinfectants on your list: this is crucial for disinfecting doorknobs, countertops, tables, and other frequently-touched surfaces which can then reduce the spread of viruses such as the novel coronavirus. 
8.     The earlier, the better     
To avoid the long lines, the confusion, and to better practice social distancing, head to the grocery as early as possible. That wayyou accomplish your errand faster while reducing your exposure to crowded areas.  

During challenging times like these, let’s all stay safe, keep smart, and remain calm. You can achieve this through suitable grocery planning; always having soap, detergents, and household disinfectants on your shopping list; practicing thorough handwashing and disinfection of frequently-touched surfaces! 

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