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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Orange Lady, Ms Joby Moreno, celebrates birthday with hope and positivity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

I met Ms Joby Linsangan-Moreno about four years ago when we went to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija to check out one of the most popular salons in the province, Orange Blush Salon. 

Back then everyone had red hair, so I also got my hair colored to vibrant red. It was the first time I had my hair dyed and it turned out so good.  I liked it so much that I’ve tried to maintain the look for the next couple of years carefully treating it to protect the color and prevent dryness. I even remember buying a purple shampoo to keep the color from fading. I loved that it faded to purple then to soft pink. But when I tried to get the same bright color (red) from a different salon. It turned out a hit and miss because the colorist  wasn’t able to achieve the color that I wanted, good thing I don’t have to go back to Nueva Ecija because Orange Blush Salon now has branches here in Manila. And I promise to visit one the moment this enhanced community quarantine is lifted by the end of the month. 

Because of that experience,  Orange Blush Salon easily became one of my favorites, proof that Joby—also known as the Orange Lady, commitment to satisfy each customer of the salon.

Joby Linsangan-Moreno shares, “Our goal is to become the top-of-mind hair salon in the country. We want people to think of Orange Blush Salon when they want to have their hair cut or rebonded. We want them to feel that at OBS, you are being cared for and that our customers are our highest priority. Our mission is to make our customers feel loved, happy, hopeful, and beautiful.”

Clients are pampered like royalties and celebrities with its wide array of premium service including haircutting, hair treatments, hair rebonding, hair straightening, hair coloring, manicure and pedicure, foot spa, makeup, Power Dose Treatment, Brazillian Keratin Treatment, and Semi De Lino Treatment, among others.

Orange Blush Salon was Ms. Joby’s passion project. A medical technologist by profession, Joby said she had always been fascinated with the business of beauty. Using the P30,000 she earned from her salary, Joby put us the very first Orange Blush salon.

It wasn’t always easy, and Joby recalls that during the first months, as her stylists were even pirated by another salon, forcing her to ask for help from another salon and dividing each P60 peso haircut 50-50 just so she could get more customers. 

Her hardwork and business-savvy skills eventually transformed Orange Blush Salon into one of the biggest salon chains in Northern Luzon.  Orange Blush Salon has 20 branches scattered in the different parts of Northern Luzon and Metro Manila with 10 branches are wholly-owned while the other 10 are franchises. The flagship store is located in Sparks Place Cubao. 

Today, April 8, 2020 would’ve been a very special day for Joby as she celebrates her 40th birthday. And to celebrate this milestone Joby was supposed to launch two new passion projects—the PAK FOUNDATION: PARLORISTA AT BARBERO KAMI FOUNDATION and her very first book BEAUTY AND THE BIZ.

THE PARLORISTA AT BARBERO KAMI FOUNDATION or PAK is first organization that unifies salon owners and workers, barbers and other related beauty and wellness institutions. “It seeks to prioritize, improve, and safeguard the lives and the welfare of our Parloristas (Hairdressers, Estheticians, Massage therapists, Nail Technicians, salon receptionists), Barbers and their families.”

PAK aims to promote hairdressing as a serious profession and educational program that generates employment and contribute to the over-all economic development of the country.  It also seeks to uphold Hairdressing, Massage, Hair and Makeup and other beauty and wellness related courses to the highest standards and ensure the welfare of ALL CUSTOMERS of Health and Wellness industries by providing them with the proper and the best professional hairdressing services possible.

For the launch they plan to provide FREE Haircut and other wellness services and hold free summer camps and short courses about Hairdressing and other beauty and wellness-related programs in cooperation with TESDA. 

The long-term goal is to educate and encourage students to enroll in Hairdressing program as offered in K-12 curriculum by the Department of Education (Home Economics Thread), and provide scholarship programs to the children and families of PAK members.  

In the future, Joby adds PAK hopes to put up hair salons that will offer free haircut to the indigent and less fortunate and partner with government or private institutions to provide health and wellness services.

Besides the launch of the PAK foundation, Ms Joby said they also planned to introduce her very first book, Beauty and the Biz. 

The book is a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their own beauty empire. The book features stories from self made beauty entrepreneur who share their personal experiences and success stories to help you establish your own beauty brand. 

The book will be published by ABS CBN Publishing and will be sold at National Bookstores nationwide soon.

As a bonus, the book will likewise include Joby’s “10 commandments of the Orange Lady” a list of rules on how to live a joyful and balanced personal business life.

The ECQ may have prevented Joby from celebrating this milestone with family and friends, so instead they are devoting their efforts to helping the frontliners.  Together with Aliaga Rice Supply (the business of her husband Lawrence) Orange Blush Salon helps in distributing rice, orange masks and Orange salon hair products: leave on conditioners and hair serum sprays to HONOR our FRONTLINERS: Hospital attendants, doctors, nurses, bank employees, supermarket employees, barangay captains and councilors, Military and police, pharmacists in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

The announcement that the enhanced community quarantine will be further extended buy Joby remains hopeful and thankful amidst the crisis. Through her unwavering faith, JOby believes that we shall all prevail in the end, despite our current difficulties. “We are being confronted with challenging times, but we shall not be afraid, and we should all keep the faith, and know in our hearts that this too, shall pass. We may all be physically apart, but we are all emotionally together as one in this battle. And we shall win this! Looking forward to a fresh start, a wiser beginning and a stronger and more resilient Team Pilipinas as we go back to normalcy soon.”


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