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Monday, April 27, 2020

Foster family ties and safeguard your well-being during the ECQ

Being confined to your home does not mean being constrained in your daily activities. With your flexi-unit, you can transform every corner of your home into a play, de-stressing or hobby zone. And what’s more, you can get the members of your family to join in the fun.

You can make use of items that are found in your home. And even if they aren’t, there’s always an easily accessible store open in your SMDC property, where you can get your supplies.

            It’s time to get creative! 

Turn your living room into an art zone.
Whether you like mixing watercolors or sculpting with clay, you can set up the living room to start an art project with the kids. Getting creative is a great way to pass time and de-stress, both for you and for your little ones. You can use the finished product as a decorative item -- frame the artwork and hang on your bedroom wall, or place the clay sculpture on your display cabinet, and make it a conversation piece with your post-quarantine guests.

Meditate in your bedroom.
With the constant barrage of news about the virus, no one can blame you if you’re feeling a bit anxious or scared. Turn away from the negativity and start meditating in your room and give your mind a much-needed break. Tune in to sounds of nature from Spotify, sit still, listen to the rustle of the waters, breathe in, let go and relax.

Bring out the chef in you.

You know you’ve been wanting to try cooking that dish that you saw online. This is your chance to be your own masterchef! Storm the kitchen and whip up a feast with your mom or grandmother. Who knows, you may even get some handy tips from them to level up your cooking game! You can even create a food diary to document your culinary adventure. When your friends come over after the ECQ, they will be in for a gastronomic surprise.

DIY your own spa.

Bring the spa home by transforming your bathroom into a relaxation haven. Soak your feet in a warm bath mixture of soap, a few drops of essential oil and a potpourri of scented petals. Complete the spa feel with soothing sounds and scented candles, and you’ve got your own home spa!

Transform your dining area into a workshop center for a cause.
Get everyone in the family involved in a home workshop for creating improvised face shields, face masks or antibacterial wipes. SMDC’s Facebook page has several easy-to-do DIY activities that you can follow. Not only will this keep you de-stressed and productive, it will also teach your kids the value of kindness and compassion. Donate these products to your community or to our frontliners.

Bring a sense of calm to your neighbors through music.
Do it like the Europeans. Step out onto your balcony and share your musical talent – whether it’s singing or playing a musical instrument. Or put on a show with your kids dancing and entertaining your neighbors. A little live entertainment will be a welcome respite from the melancholy prevailing over the current situation. 

            The times may be saddening and challenging. But with the right attitude and a little creativity, you can make the most of the situation and make it productive, fulfilling and fun. Right in the comfort of your home.

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