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Sunday, April 19, 2020

DIGITAL WALKER Work From Home Essentials

Working remotely can sometimes be a difficult endeavor but this list of essentials will help make the transition easier — from charging cables to power banks and earbuds.

These Work From Home Essentials are especially curated by Digital Walker – the country’s premiere gadget store to make sure you need your ‘new normal’ office routine more productive than even before.

With the right mindset and with the right tools – Working From Home might just be what we need; staying safe at home while still maximizing productivity.

Here’s the Step by Step Guide on How to Place your Order
Place your orders in the Google Form link below:
You will receive a receipt of your order via e-mail. Your reservation will be active for 48 hours from receipt of this email
Choose from the listed payment modes available. Pay and take a screenshot of your proof of payment
Open the e-mail we sent (Subject: Customer Order Form) and click the “Edit response” button.Scroll to the bottom of the form and click “Attach File” to upload your proof of payment. Click submit afterwards.

Wait for your pick-up schedule from our Customer Support Team then proceed to book your preferred Delivery/ Courier Service to pick up orders at our Head Office.

For more information check the link below
For more updates like Digital Walker on Facebook @digitalwalkerstore, and follow us on Instagram @digitalwalkerph
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