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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Ano ang namiss nyo sa Starbucks?

Bigla ko namiss mag Starbucks event. Usually every December and April ang mga event nila to bring in their new merchandise and coffee drinks sa mga Starbucks customers and hobbyists/collectors. 

I miss going in to their events. Tapos magpi picture ng what's new and join din sa games nila to win some Starbucks premium items. 

Sa Starbucks ko lang na discover by chance yung mga gusto kong sandwich, cinnamon, corned beef pandesal and chocolate donut na di nakakaumay.  And sa kanila din ako natuto mag collect ng Starbucks cards. Ang cute ng collection ko. . When I am travelling, I tried to as much to avail ng kahit ano merchandise or taste/sip kung ano latte bestseller nila like when I was in China and Dubai recently. It never dissapoints. Iba iba ang lasa pero mas masarap yung coffee jelly dito sa tin. 

Dito ko lang din nakikita yung mga #ootd ko before. Namiss ko tong bagelya ko. 

Dito ko din minahal yung cold brew series nila, aside of course from Teavana and coffee jelly.  Ang sarap!! Promise. After the lockdown , ktakitz mga ka Starbucks. =) 

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