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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sunnies FACE Razz Airblush Review

Its been a while since my last review of skincare and makeup. Ill make it a point to squeeze in a skincare/makeup story every month, please bear with me.

I have been hearing a lot about Sunnies face products from friends and relatives abroad. Some of my relatives would want to order it online or pasabuy from the Phil. I dont know what the buzz is all about. Until, I get to try their Girl Crush lipstick.

That was the only thing I bought since I have been using 3 lipsticks alternately (from MAC, Sephora and Estee Lauder) . When I got home, I forgot about the lipstick and stashed it inside the car compartment. I chanced upon it after 3 days. I've tested it and it looked good on me, I am morena but the color suits me.  It's creamy and buttery.  It glides on smoothly, even if it has matte finish. The color is reddish brown.  Girl Crush is a keeper. Just remember to put on your favorite lipbalm first so as to prevent lip cracks, if you are just a first timer. 

may pagka reddish pink or berry sya 

Last year of April before flying to Singapore, I passed by Sunnies Face in Glorietta. I heard that they have a new blush on product. 

I saw Martine Ho's IG post about the airblush takbo na agad ako to Glorietta to try it. Dahil atat ako I picked the Razz. Kse maganda naman sya when I tried it on sa store. Pero when I saw na merun naman palang coral pigment, sbi ko Ill be back to get one. 

The Razz look on my cheeks 

The airblush has a cream to powder formulation. So madali lang syang iblend sa cheek. 

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