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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lockdown career tips: 5 pointers on how to be an all-star at work

Even in times of uncertainty, there are still ways you can improve yourself and make great strides in your career. While under a community quarantine, utilize the extra time to reevaluate your career trajectory and seize opportunities to move it forward.

Much like an NBA All-Star, you need a concrete game plan to achieve desirable outcomes in your career. AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurers and the official insurance partner of the NBA in the Philippines, is here to help with some job advice.

Improve personal branding. Your branding is largely based on your online image -- it allows you to let employers know your story, goals, skills, and expertise. It can make you stand out and give your career a boost. To build your personal brand, make sure to update and organize all your online profiles, especially on social networking platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. On your profile, use a professional photo and quantify your accomplishments. Try to avoid posting anything that isn’t appropriate for work. You should also opt to follow leaders in your field and share top industry stories. You can also create a personal website, portfolio, or blog where you can showcase your professional journey, work, and achievements.

Keep learning. If you want to be productive during quarantine, why not take online classes? There are thousands of options that can enhance your knowledge on business, communication, marketing, financial literacy, and more. Many websites, experts and even Ivy League schools in the U.S., are offering classes for free during the lockdown so make the most of this opportunity. You can also read career advice books that can help you be a more well-rounded person at work. Whether you want to know how to achieve work-life balance, become an excellent leader, develop better work habits, or recover from a career setback, there is something for you. Once the crisis is over, you’ll have gained new learnings that can be used in your career. Additionally, think about pursuing higher education and getting your master’s degree, which sometimes is a requirement for a job or even a promotion.

Find a mentor. A mentor can benefit you and your career in many ways. They can offer valuable insight in advancing your career and be a sounding board for your ideas at work. Since you may come from different backgrounds, having a mentor can sharpen your communication skills and provide a new perspective, which can be helpful in relating to your co-workers and other individuals you cross paths in your career. A mentor is also an avenue to build your network. When looking for a mentor, it’s advisable to consider someone you know who is at a job or position you aspire to be at. Alternatively, you can reciprocate the relationship by offering them resources or promoting their projects to your network.

Gain experience. Experience is one of the key factors that hiring managers look at. Consider making use of your spare time to gain more experience in the field that you’re currently in or an area you want to transfer to, while also earning some extra income. Even at home, you can seek virtual tutoring opportunities and other online freelance jobs. Try not to spread yourself too thin and find a side hustle where you can manage your own time, like being an AXA financial advisor. During this time, you might also want to consider doing volunteer work like organizing fundraising activities, food drives or PPE donations. You can even help the community and join a cause you’re passionate about.

Be smart with money. Living from paycheck to paycheck may hinder you from taking chances on progressing your career given the fear of being left with no steady source of income. If you want to take risks and advance your career, creating a financial plan is a must. Start building an emergency fund, save up for retirement, and opt to buy the right health and life insurance products so that you’ll have a safety net when emergencies or unexpected job problems occur. AXA Philippines has an extensive portfolio of insurance and investment products that suits every need and budget.

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  1. Very nice career tips 👍😊 thankk for sharing this Ms. Lou 😍❤

  2. If only we have laptop etc. I'll definitely enroll myself into online class. But for now, kung ano munang available na pwedeng gamitin yun muna. Hehe thanks for this po, nakaka inspire. ♥️

  3. Okay nga to Ms. Lou habang nasa bahay ka lang grab the opportunity para makapag aral online. 😊


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