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Monday, February 1, 2021

HP makes desktops better for work-from-home

With limited movement due to the community quarantines, a work device doesn’t have to be mobility-ready. We have stayed at home and spruced up our work-at-home corners with a reliable internet connection, good ventilation and natural light, and even added plants. But the centerpiece of it all is a hardware that must save space even with a big screen, easy to set up and connect with other equipment, and something that has high performance and productivity.


Keep it space-saving and simple 


Desktop computers reduce the worries that most of us may have during the pandemic. For one, it is so nice to start your day and begin work with an easy setup, and one that saves 44% or almost half of the space. Several HP desktops have an All-in-One (AiO) PC mechanism with the setup process involving just a single plug-in of a cable. 


The AiO also allows desktops to save space without compromising performance. This comes handy with the HP ProOne 400 G6 AIO and EliteOne 800 G6 AiO which packs up with smaller space requirements even with complete setup already including a monitor. 


For more flexibility in space-saving, the desktop minis like the HP ProDesk 400 G6 DM and the HP Elitedesk 800 G6 DM give their users the choice of a type of monitor to pair them with. Compared with small form factor desktop, Desktop Mini (DM) is 78% lighter with 87% smaller footprint and it assures users that unlike compact devices, it does everything a standard computer does but with smaller compartments. And yes, it also means smaller power consumption.  

Screen size matters 


With the distractions at home, a bigger screen may just help you keep focus. Sixty-eight percent of millennials experience digital eye strain, not just because of the long screen exposure but it could also be about staring at small items in a small screen. With this said, HP All-In-One (AIO) desktops offer screen sized that would best fit your needs and your workplace. 

HP AIO monitor screen sizes range from 21.5” and above. For EliteOne 800 G6 AiO, monitor screen sizes are 24” and 27” while the ProOne 400 G6 AiO has screens sized at 20” and 24”. Both models have choices of touch and non-touch screens. The choices in resolutions doesn’t stop in Full HD. It can empower its users with a QHD (quad high definition) display. Additionally, the HP AIO desktop monitors and standalone HP monitors has  an always-on blue light filter (HP Eye Ease) that keeps your eyes comfortable while with zero impact on color accuracy



It’s all about the performance and security 


From a simple video streaming to heavy digital work, a desktop’s performance is everything. The new HP Elitedesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini is the world’s most powerful ultra-small-form-factor business PC. It has a CPU of up to Core i9 and AMD of up to Ryzen 7 to accelerate productivity. 

It is designed with HP Run Quiet Design that enables fans to be finely tuned to keep systems running in as quiet as 20 decibels. That’s peace of mind for you and your housemates. 


The HP Elitedesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini is so hardworking it is VR-capable. Virtual Reality is poised to enhance multiple industries by providing immersive simulated environments. Not every device is capable of VR but the Elitedesk make it possible for its user to access the extraordinary tools at NVIDIA Studio which is capable of up to seven 4K displays. 


From amazing tools, desktops also provides the much-needed ease in upgrading. With separate monitor and PC lifecycles, desktops’ components can be updated on your own timeline – wherever and whenever you need to. 


They are also built with propriety HP security solutions such as HP Sure Sense that uses AI technology to instinctively recognize malware and shield against never-before seen attacks. Bolstering HP desktops’ security feature is the HP BIOsphere Gen 6 that stops BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) attacks, the HP Manageability Integration Kit (MIK) which allows easy management of devices, and the HP Sure Click which further prevents malicious attacks. 



Seamless collaboration


Virtual meetings require clearer video and audio and these are easy add-ons for HP ProOne 400 AIO G6 and EliteOne 800 AIO G6. Built-in 5 MP webcam has a rear facing camera when needed. You can easily lower it down when not in use. The built-in mic is enforced with the HP Noise Cancellation which makes your voice come through loud and clear. 


A great addition is the premium audio speaker by Bang & Olufsen which creates an immersive sound that comes through crystal clear whether you’re on conference all or watching a movie.  


Sanitize with Confidence 


HP Elite PCs are designed to withstand 1000 Cycles for disinfection with household wipes so you can keep your devices clean and you and your family safe


Work-from-home is simply best served by an HP desktop. Get the right HP desktop PC for your growing business from authorized HP resellers and distributors or visit for inquiries.


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