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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Y31 campaign encourages “lost generation” to welcome fun, seize every day

Almost a year in, and counting, since the lockdown and community quarantines, the impact of the pandemic beyond its threats to humanity’s existence and the economy, have become more evident. 

The youth and those in their prime age in particular reported a general feeling of loss of control with their life’s trajectory, which coined them the label “the lost generation”, as the vision of the future remains unclear. With routines and life as we know it disrupted, there have been a doubling in proportion of young people not being able to concentrate and tripling in those who expressed not being able to enjoy their day-to-day activities.

vivo introduces its latest Y31 through a campaign that encourages the “lost generation” to welcome fun and make every day, their day.

In an effort to counter the collective anxiety and lack of motivation, vivo, the global smartphone brand, and badge of self-expression, introduces its latest Y31 through a campaign that encourages the “lost generation” to welcome fun and make every day their day. 

The vivo Y31 campaign, serves as the perfect smartphone that enables this generation to find the confidence of being in control of their own happiness and productivity, thanks to its long-lasting battery life and flagship-like technology.

It aims to highlight that while most were overcome with a sense of powerlessness and being stuck, there are also opportunities to work out what’s within their control—exploring new passions and hobbies, getting rid of toxic thoughts and habits, and accepting that relying on others and circumstances will not get one out of a rut.

A series of exciting and engaging activities are in the pipeline come the vivo Y31 campaign launch, in its mission to contribute to the generation’s much-needed jumpstart and help them dodge the looming prospect of being lost.

Time spent worrying about the “wasted time” is again just wasted time. The vivo Y31 holds this generation accountable for making the most of their days by allowing fun to find them, and by finding ways to have fun themselves.

Watch out for the vivo Y31 launch and learn how you can welcome fun all-day by visiting 

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  1. The best talaga ang VIVO pagdating sa Battery. Kahit anong apps gagamitin mo masusulit tlaga at mag eenjoy ka dahil sulit bawat gamit matagal malowbat.


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