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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Joby celebrates another milestone and accomplishes another dream as she releases her first book--Beauty & the Biz

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, its about having a pretty heart, a pretty mind and a pretty soul.”


Remember that old saying “Beauty and Brains?” well Joby Linsangan-Moreno adds one more trait in that ideal combination—Heart.  

I will never forget my first meeting with Ms. Joby for two things—it was my first time to have my virgin hair colored, and that we had do travel five hours to Cabanatuan just to have it done. But it was so worth it as I loved the vibrant red bronze color.

We all knew her first as The Orange Lady—the brains behind the successful Orange Blush salon franchise, which was about to expand to Manila. She also struck me for her beauty, with both professionalism and poise as she met and spent the afternoon with us. 

I grew to admire her even more for her heart, as I saw her dedication to help not only her staff but the entire community when the pandemic struck—this despite her business being affected by the series of lockdowns.

Besides managing the Orange Blush Salon franchise and the Aliaga Rice Supply (retail business run by her husband Lawrence), she proved her resilience opening The Podium Special Events Center and the NYORK Café (both in Cabanatuan City) amidst the pandemic while doing hosting duties for the Beauty and the Biz show on ABS CBN News and giving public talks about beauty and women empowerment.

 Last year, to celebrate her birthday, Joby even put up the Parlorista at Barbero Kami Foundation (PAK) whose mission is To Spread Love, One Haircut at a Time.  The Foundation seeks to prioritize, improve, and safeguard the lives and the welfare of our Parloristas (Hairdressers, Estheticians, Massage therapists, Nail Technicians, salon receptionists), Barbers and their families. It also also aims to promote hairdressing as a serious profession and educational program that generates employment.

This 2021, as she turns 41, Joby marks another milestone and accomplishes another dream as she releases her first book--Beauty and the Biz.

The book features stories from self-made beauty entrepreneurs who share their personal experiences and success stories to help you establish your own beauty brand and aims to be a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their own beauty empire.

As a bonus, It also includes the: 10 Commandments of the Orange Lady: Thoughts on living a joyful and balanced personal-business life! 

It is published by ABS CBN Books (Creative Programs Inc.)and will be available in Amazon for only $3.99. But you could get the book for free on April 8-12, 2021.



Joby shares her mission in life is Matthew 5:16, “Make your light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven”.

Which is why one of her commandments is “Find your purpose and seize it. Let your light shine.”

“Our life is God’s gift to us. What we have become in our lifetime, is our gift to God. There is no greater meaning in life than to find your purpose. I believe that God has given each one of us a unique gift  that He wants us to share to the world, so that He may be glorified. Find your purpose in life and live it.” 

She adds “To be honest, I feel that out of my 100% purpose in life, I have only found around 80% of what my real life’s purpose is as of this time. I know in my heart that my purpose is to shine; to reflect the light of God, and to bring others close to Him. But I want more than to inspire people. I want them to feel the love and peace that being close to God feels like. I want others see that God performs miracles in the lives of those people that He has touched. I want them to see the work of God in everything that I do; in everything that I am; may it be in business, family, in my life. I am certainly excited for the remaining 20% of my continued search for my life’s purpose because I know that I am going the right way, and I can feel His favor in everything that I do. I am being prepared for His grand plans for my life, and I know in my heart that His timing is always perfect. 

Joby owns and manages Orange Blush Salons that she built in October 2003 and the PAK foundation projects are funded by the Orange Blush Salons. They also have a training center, Orange Institute of Fashion and the Arts (OIFA). In January 2020, with the objectives to support these families and to promote Hairdressing as a serious profession and educational program, Joby began to gather information and started to work on the vision and mission of the foundation. In the long run, Joby wishes to put up “Free Haircutting Centers” that offer free haircut services to the indigent and less fortunate, where they can also hold Hairdressing/Cosmetology programs, and to build holistic PAK communities that look after the welfare of PAK Members. She was awarded as Natatanging Anak Kabanatuan (GAWAD A.N.A.K) in 2018 by the City Government of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija for her contribution in Entrepreneurship- for Orange Blush Salons and The Podium Special Events Center.

In addition she is also a resident host at Go Negosyo and Go Negosyo Mentor and The New Channel’s Usapang Beauty. She also recently launched her own cosmetics line called beauTITA liptints (ang make-up ng mga TITAs!). 

Amidst the crisis, Joby remains hopeful and thankful. Through her unwavering faith, she believes that we shall all prevail in the end, despite our current difficulties. “We are being confronted with challenging times, but we shall not be afraid, and we should all keep the faith, and know in our hearts that this too, shall pass. 

Her mission in life is: Matthew 5:16, “Make your light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven”.



  1. Love this caption..Our life is God’s gift to us. ❤️❤️❤️
    Ang pretty naman po nya ♥️

  2. she is admirable. I like her positivity and mindset. Her first book--Beauty and the Biz is interesting coz of her inspiring personal experiences and success stories.

  3. This woman is really amazing and she is admirable. Having such positive mindset is very admiring. She is also a helpful person. Her first book entitled Beauty and the Biz is very interesting because of her inspiring personal experience and success stories. I agree that Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, its about having a pretty heart, a pretty mind and a pretty soul just like her.

  4. Yes true Our life Is god's gift to us . Kaya wag nating sayangin ang pagging mabuti gaya ni ms.joby lalo ang pagging matulungin sa ating kapwa . 🤗❤️ Happiest birthday 🎉🎂(Apple Joy Camañero)


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