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Friday, April 2, 2021

Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition at the Mi Fan Festival

Global technology leader Xiaomi has announced the start of its annual Mi Fan Festival (MFF). The 2021 festival will center on the theme “Explore the Possibilities”, and to cultivate the spirit of this message, Xiaomi will launch a wide array of online campaigns and invite Mi Fans to discuss and share their experiences of how Xiaomi’s products have benefited their lives with their friends and families. The global shopping extravaganza will kick off on April 6 with special offers more than USD 147 millions* on official authorized channels. Xiaomi is collaborating with more than 70 online platforms and 300 offline partners** in 59 markets to bring the most innovative products at incredible prices to Mi Fans across the world. 

Google and Qualcomm Technologies are also celebrating Xiaomi’s founding day together through MFF 2021. The co-creation of posters for MFF 2021 use the unified visual symbol “&” as the key creative idea of the picture, symbolizing the close cooperation between Xiaomi and Google also between Xiaomi and Qualcomm Technologies. The posters also combine the “infinite” concept of the “Möbius ring” to convey that with Xiaomi, the companies strive to bring infinite possibilities to users’ lives. 

 Xiaomi, Google and Qualcomm Technologies have always been the forerunners, setting trends for their respective industries with innovative software and hardware solutions. Xiaomi has been working closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies to advance and accelerate the mass adoption of technological innovations. Xiaomi will continue joining hands with the two tech partners to explore new possibilities, as expressed by the theme of the MFF 2021, with an aim to make everyone’s life smarter and enhance convenience in daily life.


“Xiaomi has always put Mi Fans and users at the core of everything we do. Mi Fan Festival (MFF) is an iconic representation of our Mi Fan culture. This year marks the 10th MFF, and the 11th year since Xiaomi’s establishment. Every year, we celebrate this festival together with Mi Fans, users, and partners around the world to express our gratitude for their support — which is one of our key drivers to continue exploring and innovating. With the announcement of Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition and the launch of a series of MFF activities, we hope to convey our brand proposition of providing innovation and smart lifestyles to everyone, and our commitment to always be there for our Mi Fans and users,” said Xiaomi spokesperson. 


Redmi Note 10 Pro Mi Fan Festival Special Edition


At this year’s Mi Fan Festival, Xiaomi is launching Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition with the slogan “Explore Infinite Possibilities”, which will serve as a unique MFF souvenir that Mi Fans can take home. The MFF special edition phone represents the adventurous spirit of Xiaomi and seeks to encourage Mi Fans to explore the infinite possibilities in life by connecting Smartphone x AIoT.


To echo the theme of infinity, Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition comes in a package with a cosmic-inspired design. The front of the box features an image of astronauts floating through galaxies, representing Xiaomi and Mi Fans exploring the infinite possibilities of life together.


The box also contains a Mi Fan Festival postcard featuring an image of Mi Bunny astronauts. The back of the postcard is a Mi Fan Festival theme sticker***, which can be stuck onto items such as mobile phones, computers and suitcases to add an extra touch of Xiaomi to users’ lives.


The Gradient Bronze version of Redmi Note 10 Pro in a natural metallic luster color was selected for this year’s Mi Fan Festival, and the exclusive Mi Fan Festival 2021 icon will be printed on the back.


As the special souvenir smartphone for this year’s Mi Fan Festival, Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition will be sold in limited quantities worldwide.


Building a Better World Together with Mi Fans


From the day Xiaomi was founded, building real relationships with users and having them be a part of Xiaomi’s future has been at the core of the company’s culture. From the very beginning, Mi Fans have been joining the Mi Community, offering suggestions and even contributing ideas and inventions to help drive the growth of Xiaomi. Mi Fan culture has always been an integral part of the Xiaomi brand. 


To celebrate MFF 2021, Xiaomi Global Mi Community officially launched its theme song A Melody for Mi, which was co-created in an online Mi Community by Mi Fans from 15 countries. Around 1000 Mi Fans participated in this songwriting project. Contributions from 30 Mi Fans were selected and used to compose the music and lyrics. The song expresses Mi Fans’ unceasing pursuit of a better life, centered on love, passion, innovation, vitality, and smarter life for everyone — the very values that Xiaomi has been conveying to Mi Fans for over a decade. Today, Mi Fans are delivering the same message to the world. Together, united by the same vision, Mi Fans show resolute confidence and belief in building a better world. 


Google and Qualcomm join the celebration with co-created posters

The song A Melody for Mi has been set as an official ringtone and uploaded to Mi Theme Store where users from all over the world can download it. The song will also be applied to the customer service hotline on-hold music. 


Xiaomi maintains its image as one of the coolest companies in the minds of Mi Fans and users. For years, Xiaomi product users have been connected through a shared experience of interacting and living with all of these innovative products that have truly life-altering intelligent features. In the Xiaomi Global Mi Community, thousands of Mi Fans have already posted their stories describing how the Xiaomi brand and products have changed their lives. 


A Mi Fan with the username “Crossfiree” shared her story about Mi Smart Home during a Mi Community activity. She has been using more than 30 Xiaomi ecosystem products at home, although she describes herself as a technophobe rather than a tech enthusiast. Mi Air Purifier helped improve the air quality in her home and eased her severe dust allergy, while Mi Band helped her whole family cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Another Mi Fan, Arun Abhimanyu, mentioned that Mi Motion Activated Night Light solved his grandmother’s long-standing problem of finding the light switch in the dark when she woke up at night to use the restroom. This was just some of his experiences with Xiaomi products, and he explained that “these products have made my life easier in a way that I never could have imagined. That’s how Xiaomi wins users’ trust.”


History of MFF


The first MFF was held on April 6, 2012 in Mainland China when Xiaomi decided to launch an event to celebrate the two-year anniversary of its founding. Since Mi Fans played a significant role in the rapid growth of Xiaomi, the company invited Mi Fans to celebrate its birthday together by holding a big party for them. The party venue was set up like a club and guests celebrated while a DJ performed and interacted with them. 100,000 Xiaomi smartphones sold out in just 6 minutes and 5 seconds on that day. From then on, Xiaomi has held MFF every year to show its gratitude towards Mi Fans for their support. 


Outside of Mainland China, MFF was first held in India and Indonesia in 2015, before being launched in European markets in 2018, when the first shopping carnival was held in Spain. This year will be the 10th annual MFF, and even more global markets will be joining to celebrate the occasion. 


  1. This Mi Fan Festival (MFF) is exciting coz the limited edition Redmi Note 10 Pro MFF Special Edition will be launch.
    I like the concept behind the unified visual symbol “&”, the symbolism is a good idea.

  2. This Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro is so good ang it's a MFF Special Edition at Mi Fan Festival. They're are offering a lot of great opportunity especially for its fans. This is really exciting.


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