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Monday, May 17, 2021

Enjoy sarap ng dessert in a candy with Lush Strawberry Milk and Lush Chocolate!

Raise your hand if you feel that a meal is never complete without dessert! It always feels right to end a hearty family lunch or merienda with something sweet to satisfy your tastebuds.

While this rings true for most people, some prefer sweets that they can munch on while working, studying, or playing games. Instead of enjoying a full plate, people can try out easy-to-eat sweets like Lush Candy, giving them the enjoyable taste of dessert in candy form.

Jack ‘n Jill’s Lush Candy has a soft, chewy texture, which makes it a delightful treat for all ages. Kids will enjoy playfully chewing it as it melts in their mouth; while teens can make it their go-to dessert after every meal. It comes in two dessert-inspired flavors: indulge in the rich and luscious taste of Lush Chocolate; and the NEW Lush Strawberry Milk – the perfect combination of creamy milk, with the tangy sensation of juicy strawberries.

It’s possible to enjoy dessert every day with a chewy, fun Lush Candy. For as low as a suggested retail price of P26.00 per 50-piece pack for Lush Chocolate, and P30.90 per 50-piece pack for Lush Strawberry Milk, you can have it after every meal right from your pocket!

Enjoy sarap ng dessert in a candy with Lush Strawberry Milk and Lush Chocolate! These can be conveniently bought online on Shopee, and in your favorite supermarkets, groceries, and sari-sari stores nationwide. For more information, visit


Lush’s new Strawberry Milk is a soft, chewy treat for dessert lovers

Get your sweet dessert fix after a meal with the new Lush Strawberry Milk flavor


  1. Talagang ang sarap nitong Lush Candy isa sa mga paborito kong candy ito noong bata pa ko. Masarap talaga sya and mura pa kaya sulit na sulit and mas lalo pang pinasarap ngayon kaya sure madami ang bibili 🥰

  2. 🙋🙋🙋 gusto gusto ko tlga ng dessert kahit ung ganitong simpleng candy lng na matamis . Kamiss itong lush na ito mas pinaganda pa ang packaging and my strawberry flavor na din 😍❤️ very affordable prize pa . 🙂 (Apple Joy Camañero)

  3. Isa sa masarap na soft candy noon pa man ang lush. Ang dessert natin ay hindi kailangang maging mahal. Ang lush ay mura na, masarap pa. Makakabili ng chocolate at strawberry flavor.


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