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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Keep an easy-to-access record of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, sleep quality, step count with HUAWEI Health App

The latest HUAWEI Band 6 (PHP 2,599) is a great choice for fitness. It boasts the latest features that fitness enthusiasts require - FullView display, two-week large battery life, all-day SPO2 monitoring, health and sports management, and more. It is the best fitness tracker that enables you to track your workout routines and even your rest time. 


And here is how you can maximize the HUAWEI Band 6 of course with the help of the HUAWEI Health App

If you are an Android or iOS smartphone user, HUAWEI Health App could be your new favorite fitness tracking app.


It is your go-to, integrated health and fitness companion. Whether you want to kick-start your fitness life, keep track of your health, or conveniently manage your smart wearable devices, HUAWEI Health App has what you are going for. With this app, you can keep your data private, or share it for tracking, it's up to you. The latest in health and fitness technology, made simple, secure, and easy to use.


HUAWEI Health App records your activity in over 100 different sports using your HUAWEI Band 6, from beginner to advanced levels. See your workout data clearly every step of the way, so you can be sure you are reaching your goals. 


The Running Guide maps out your route as you’re running it, displaying key information to keep you on target. 


The HUAWEI Health App also gives a new view on Health and this is very essential now more than ever. 

See your health status in detail with HUAWEI Health App’s health stats. With this feature, you can keep an easy-to-access record of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, sleep quality, step count, and more. All your data is shown in clear, dynamic graphs to always keep you informed, easily, and quickly.


Your control center for living smart, HUAWEI Health App lets you manage your music, plus download and manage the apps on your HUAWEI Band 6. And link up with other, non-wearable devices, such as heart rate monitors and HUAWEI Scale 3, to truly feel the benefits of a well-connected life.


Start living in sync with Huawei. Get HUAWEI Band 6 worth PHP 2,599 and use it with the very reliable HUAWEI Health App.


Download Huawei Health App by scanning the QR below:




  1. Done reading this blog po and so nice naman po nitong HUAWEI Band 6 with the help of HUAWEI Health App. It will help us to easy access or record our heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, sleep quality and step count ❤️☺️

  2. Huawei band6 is a great gadget to have. Boasting a band that is fully packed with features. A good way to track your health and activities. Plus using tha Huawei health app, you can monitor and record your health status. Get yours now for only 2,599Php.

  3. Galing naman nang Huawei health apps neto.. Must have this kind of apps for monitoring our family's health.

  4. Npaka ganda ng huawei band6 makakatulong siya mamonitor ang health natin , lalo na itong huawei health app . Ang dami niyang pwedeng mamonitor na tlgang makakatulong satin šŸ¤—❤️ feel na benefits of a well-connected life. (Apple Joy CamaƱero)


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