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Friday, May 21, 2021

Here’s a guide to picking the right TV that matches the demands of homes and lifestyles, today and tomorrow

The past year has been a reminder of the value that TVs bring to our homes and lifestyles. Once regarded as a device purely for watching TV and playing video games, they now double up as conference rooms, fitness hubs, and even a space for virtual socializing as we look towards a new normal in 2021 and beyond. 


Perhaps now is the best time for you to consider investing in a new TV for your living spaces, with the launch of Samsung’s latest Lifestyle TV innovations

Here’s a guide to picking the right TV that matches the demands of homes and lifestyles, today and tomorrow


For art connoisseurs looking to elevate room aesthetics with a statement piece: The Frame

Do you miss visiting art museums and exhibitions? What if there was a TV that can display an ever-evolving collection of renowned artworks? 


Coming in sizes from 43”, 55”, and 65”, The Frame can be used as a blank canvas for virtual artwork. In Art Mode, The Frame can bring over 1,400 pieces of virtual art works from leading art houses, content creators and world-class museums, straight to your living room. Imagine being inspired by an impressionist masterpiece from Vincent Van Gogh today, and then moving photography from Steve McCurry the next day. 


Additionally, The Frame’s Adaptive Picture can intelligently adjust screen brightness and color based on the lighting conditions in your house, accurately depicting the color fidelity of the artwork on display. 


With attachable bezel options in four colors and two different customizable styles — Modern and Beveled — there’s an option to match the theme of any type of room, aesthetically. The 2021 version’s frame is about halfway thinner[1] compared to previous iterations, mirroring the depth of a traditional picture frame. 


But apart from displaying virtual artworks, you can turn The Frame into a full-functioning TV to watch your favorite shows, play video games, make conference calls, and even do a virtual workout session right in your living room.


For those who value personal taste and constant design evolution at home: The Serif

The home is often a reflection of one’s self, and that includes your choices in TVs. For those with a keen eye for design, The Serif is a perfect match.   


Recognized for its iconic 360° design, The Serif is a portable TV that is beautiful from any angle. Co-created with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, The Serif comes in two sizes: 43” and 55”, each with a detachable stand to give you the flexibility to display it however you want, and instantly add style to your home. 


The Serif features Ambient Mode+, where the screen can mimic the background of the wall behind it when turned off or display the time, weather details, and more. You can also seamlessly play music or stream content with Tap View just by tapping your smartphone on The Serif.


In addition to its portability, The Serif features lifelike 100% Color Volume. Thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology, which delivers a billion shades of color to bring out the best of your TV program – down to the tiniest detail. 




For those who are looking for the best immersive experience: The Premiere

Nothing beats watching a movie in the cinema and listening to live music. Now, you can bring that home with The Premiere. With screen sizes up to 130”, it’s the perfect big screen TV experience for the whole family. 


With this 4K triple laser projector[2], watch anything from movies to concerts in cinematic quality from the comfort of your own couch. No need for any additional equipment as The Premiere has built-in 4.2Ch 40W speakers and subwoofers. Just place it a few inches from a wall or screen to get movie night started.


Not sure what to watch? Not a problem – The Premiere comes with all the features of a Smart TV, with pre-installed apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and the web browser. 


Innovation for the ultimate display experience 


The role of the TV has changed drastically over the past year, and Samsung is constantly innovating to redefine new experiences at home. Have your TV how you want it, and bring your style and personality to the living room. 

To find out more about the full range of display options, visit or simply drop by any authorized Samsung dealer. 


[1] 46% slimmer than the previous models.

[2] Triple Laser and 4.2Ch 40W speakers available on the LSP9T model only. 


  1. A typical Filipino family spend their day with a long time watching with a Television. But with the rise of technology there are a lot of options and features to choose from with buying one. This is a good guide to have a TV that will give you the best watching experience that will suite you best.

  2. So nice naman po nito talagang the best Ang Samsung’s latest Lifestyle TV innovations. It has nice features which we can enjoy when we are watching TV and movies.

  3. Wow npaka ganda nman po nito samsung latest TV innovations nila , tlgang ma eenjoy ng pamilya ang panonood ng sama sama . Ang laki din niya ❤️ (Apple Joy Camañero)


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