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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Huawei’s ‘Together, for Mom’ campaign: A Shopping spree dedicated to Mothers

The world has evolved so much. With our world today being more eager in championing inclusivity and gender equality, access to opportunity has significantly broadened. This allowed more people -- no matter their race, status, or gender -- to go beyond previously established archetypes. No more fitting into old molds, especially for modern-day moms.


Mothers wear multiple hats. One minute they are the Chief Household Officer, then a corporate gladiator in just a jiffy. Cognizant of the plurality of today’s mothers, the folks at Huawei are reaffirming their commitment to empowering all women in the best way they know how – through technology. In today’s digital economy, moms deserve more opportunities and support to ensure they are equipped to thrive and remain competitive in the new normal while balancing the many facets of their lives. 

A Smart Home Office for the Busy Queen Bee

Being a mom and a career woman is no cakewalk. Managing a household, joining ZOOM meetings almost hourly, facing tight deadlines, and being a home tutor aren’t the only pins working moms need to juggle daily. However, there is no denying that the hybrid workplace can work to a busy mom’s advantage -- with the right technology of course. 


Huawei aims to help moms have a more efficient work set-up with the updated Multi-screen Collaboration features on Huawei Share, which elevates the modern workplace to new levels of efficiency and convenience. To give an example, some people spend their precious evenings transferring files from one device to another via a cable, email or ad-ridden third-party software. But with Huawei Share on her devices, your Mom can pair her smartphone and tablet, such as the MatePadT10s, quickly and without any of the hassle. This enables Multi-screen Collaboration, which allows her to transfer files with a simple drag-and-drop at data transfer speeds of up to 150MBps, or even edit files easily across both devices. Multi-screen Collaboration makes your mom’s devices go further, allowing them to share hardware. For instance, through Huawei Share, a MatePad T10s can be used to make calls, send messages or browse photos on a smartphone. The seamless and no-hassle multi-tasking experience is surely a gift no mom would turn away. 

Keeping kids entertained is also a key strategy for moms who are currently reporting from home. Other than just toys or the evasive nap times, moms can also trust the Huawei MatePad T10 and T10s for round-the-clock child-friendly entertainment. Both devices offer exclusive access to Kids Corner for the safe exploration of age-appropriate content. They also boast multiple layers of eye care to ensure a safe viewing experience for young children. Needless to say, busy children can make it easier for moms to be busy with other essential duties. 


An Achievable Fitness Lifestyle for the TLC Champ

Mothers supply tender loving care to the entire household 24/7. But being the top carers in a home should not hold them back from achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle for themselves.


Exercising is a great way to improve and maintain your mom’s health metrics. With Huawei’s wearable products, she could enjoy a scientific and comprehensive workout experience.


Within the 100+ workout modes, HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro and HUAWEI WATCH FIT include up to 17 professional workout modes with 10 types of outdoor sports (skiing, golf, running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, cycling, swimming in open water, triathlon) and 7 types of indoor sports (walking, running, cycling, swimming indoors, free training, elliptical machine, rowing machine). No matter what her interests are, she could definitely find it from these watches.


If she is relatively a beginner, HUAWEI WATCH FIT could guide her through various kinds of exercise. HUAWEI WATCH FIT comes with 12 animated fitness courses and 44 standardized fitness exercises built-in to the smartwatch for her to do in the office or home setting. She can conveniently find and select these courses by tapping “Exercise” and “Fitness Courses”. Then she can simply follow the instructions as demonstrated by the animated personal trainer and stay moving with helpful vibration reminders.


For some people, workouts may not be that interesting, which may be why they find it difficult to get into a habit of exercising. To help your mom to get more passionate about working out, you can make it more fun by incorporating a bit of entertainment. Listening to music while exercising can not only improve their performance but can also put them in a better mood. Research has shown that motivational music or music which is synchronized with workout has physical and psychological effects.  Perfect for this are the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro and HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i. These two smart audio devices both come with an in-ear design to ensure the earbuds stay firmly in your mom’s ears when doing different types of exercise. Moreover, both earphones feature active noise cancellation which generates inverted sound waves to cancel out the surrounding noise, providing a quality music experience even if your mother goes jogging around the city.


An Inclusive Space in Tech for Innovators

Huawei is not only keen in promoting inclusive access to technology for the tech giant is also committed to offering educational opportunities for women gunning for a career in tech. The HUAWEI Women Developers programme is the most recent example of Huawei’s pioneering work. Launched in March 2021 to mark International Women’s Day, the programme opens a platform for career development and skills training to all women who want to create tools and applications to change the world. The HUAWEI Women Developers programme provides valuable opportunities at the very forefront of the industry for women to demonstrate and grow their role in technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Women on the programme receive access to training on technological innovation and career development paths, opportunities to meet with industry-leading experts from various fields, and even the chance to participate in hands-on scenario-based experiments. 


The HUAWEI Women Developers programme is open to women developers from around the world, cybermoms included, who can register to participate online through the HUAWEI Developers official website. 


A Shopping Spree Dedicated to Mothers

Huawei also rolled out its “Together, For Mom” promo campaign in the month of May to celebrate the myriad of contributions mothers all over the world have generously made to every son and daughter. In a bid to gear more moms in the highly digital new normal with smart, capable technology, Huawei offers great discounts of up to 15% and awesome freebies worth Php 2,000 for its key products across its smartphone, tablet, and wearable line-ups until May 31. 

Customers may visit the Huawei Store and the official Huawei Flagship Stores on Lazada and Shopee to bag their desired Huawei device with the best “Together, for Mom” discount.


Huawei hopes that by giving easier access to powerful technology and educational opportunities, today’s generation of moms would be better equipped at wearing more hats at home, in the office, or in their own entrepreneurial empires. 


For more information on Huawei’s ‘Together, for Mom’ campaign, customers may visit this link:


  1. Modern moms who are juggling as a parent and an employee demands many things from them. Thanks to Huawei for helping them make life much easier through their technology. Like Huawei Share which helps them make use of their different devices and task even on one device then can easily communicate to other devices. Not only that, Huawei also gives educational opportunities to those moms who wants to have a career in the tech world. Also, their bonus to moms is Shopping spree with discounts and freebies through Lazada and shopee.

  2. Wow ang galing naman ng huawei and im sure marami tlgang matutuwa dito lalo na sa katulad ko dn na mommy na ❤️ tlgNg ang laki ng discounts at ang laki ng mga pa freebies nila very helpful po tlga ito . Less hassle na sa lazada ng shopee available na siya hndi na ntin kailangan lumabas 🤗❤️ (Apple Joy Camañero)

  3. Isa talaga to sa mga Dbest Brand this Generation, sobrang Gaganda ng mga Item, and siguradong maggustuhan ng masa.. Less hussle na pmunta pa ng mga Mall kc Nasa Lazada at Shopee na , Pwedeng pwede na order Online, Really Worth the price pa ..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Huawei’s ‘Together, for Mom’ campaign talagang sure na matutuwa ang mga mommies dahil ang daming mga items and products na pwede pagpilian at Shopping spree with discounts and freebies through Lazada and shopee. Talagang less hassle kasi pwedeng pwede umorder online. 🥰


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