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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Alfamart’s doors are always open to small businesses looking to grow together

As the pandemic has isolated us from each other for over a year now, compassion and love for another have taken on new meanings and new faces. For 48-year old baker Jannice Enas, kindness takes the form of her baked goods, fresh out-the-oven and made with care. She realized through her passion for baking that feeding others through a community-based bakery was her life’s calling, and thus, 12C-4 Bread Station was born.


But passion, however fierce, is only half of the equation. Jannice and her team faced various challenges in the genesis of her bakery: the pandemic, of course, but also flooding from the recent typhoons, and logistical obstacles for setting up a physical bakery in the middle of community lockdowns.

“It was difficult to create something like this and have our safety be secondary to the pandemic,” shared the 12C-4 Bread Station franchisee. 

MUTUAL GROWTH. Alfamart’s “local jewel” partners, like 12C-4 Bread Station in Silangan, Rosario, Cavite, get to take advantage of riding with the Super Minimart chain’s continuous growth and other potential opportunities to expand their respective businesses.


This is where Alfamart, the country’s first and only Super Minimart chain, stepped in and changed everything. Jannice shared that once the Bread Station team had committed to working with a franchise, Alfamart was the first and perfect choice.  recently opened its doors to customers in the Silingan 1 Alfamart branch Rosario, Cavite.


“Bread Station has blossomed since we started working with Alfamart. Customers who visit the super minimart find it equally convenient to have a bakery right beside it where they can pick up their fresh baked goods,” she said.


Besides convenience, Alfamart has provided Bread Station with a landmark location and with ample parking space, giving customers every reason to keep coming back. Jannice also owes 12C-4 Bread Station’s growth to the values and mission it shares with Alfamart: feeding the community, and serving the underserved.


“Once there was a clear direction to work with a franchise, we chose Alfamart because their structure offers exactly what we want to offer to our customers and community as well,” Jannice shared. It turns out, Alfamart was the missing half of the Bread Station equation.


“Local businesses are always welcome to partner with Alfamart,” said Alfamart Philippines’ Zet Barrinuevo, Head of Leasing. “12C-4 Bread Station is just one of the many businesses that we work with so we can showcase the best products from the local community in each of our stores. We are always looking to  put a spotlight on each community’s local jewels,” she further explained.


Alfamart’s doors are always open to small businesses looking to grow together. For more information on partnership opportunities, visit



  1. Heart warming scenario to see. Hearing this makes me happy and feel good . One of the best moved so far. It's an act of caring to small businesses

  2. Wow alfamart is to the rescue for this small businesses. I'm so glad about how they have come together to help out their fellow entrepreneurs.This is best alliance because it helps streghten our business economy.

  3. Thank you alfamart for helping small business ❣️ Ang laki ng maitulong nito para sa mga nagsisimula palang ,ito ang tunay na malasakit sa kapwa 'helping others towards on one goal 😇

  4. Wow this is great that Alfamart was openning an opportunity to small business to grow.This is great that Alfamart give importance to small business to achieve success. Thank you Alfamart for showing care and concerns.

  5. So nice talaga Ng Alfa mart and they always welcoming local business to become their partners kudos to them and sure na malaking tulong Ito sa mga business partner nila 👍💯

  6. So nice naman po talaga ng Alfamart , nakakatuwa naman po , Sobrang magandang opportunity po talaga ito para sa mga small business para makamit din talaga nila ang tagumpay. Napakalaking tulong din talaga nito para sa kanila. 💞

  7. Salute Alfamart for being Kind to support Your Co-Local Business To Be Grow and Successful Too.., really Such an Awesome And Great opportunity 💖💖


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