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Monday, August 23, 2021

JobStreet recently kicked off its virtual workshop series entitled “A Stronger Workforce During the Pandemic: The Resilience of SMEs”

Driven by its dedication to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs), leading online job portal JobStreet recently kicked off its Southeast Asia-wide virtual workshop series entitled “A Stronger Workforce During the Pandemic: The Resilience of SMEs.”  

The initiative aims to guide SME hirers in upgrading their workforce to improve talent attraction and retention amid the quarantine economy. 

In the Philippines, the SME sector accounts for 99% of registered businesses and is considered the backbone of the economy. However, nearly two-thirds of SMEs in the country have been strongly affected by the pandemic according to a 2020 survey from the International Trade Centre.  

“SMEs faced abrupt changes to digital operations, logistical challenges, and even mental health issues since last year. And despite the challenges, the SME resilience is truly astounding, and we truly believe that their recovery is crucial to our economy’s survival,” said JobStreet Senior Sales Manager Ryan Tordesillas.

The local virtual workshop was attended by hirers from several industries such as manufacturing, BPO, advertising, financial services, and more. They learned more about the changes and trends in the local job market, as well as how to move their workforce forward amidst COVID-19. 

JobStreet revealed that jobseekers today look for hirers that offer job security, readiness for remote work, and stance on relevant social and environmental issues. For hirers to meet these demands and attract talents, SMEs were advised to highlight how the company has adapted to the pandemic, provide other benefits if employees are required to report on-ground, and take a proactive stance on social issues that matter to the business.

The virtual workshop also tackled improving talent retention among SMEs as jobseekers now value flexibility in work hours as well as work-life balance and recognition more than ever. Investing in virtual tools while balancing governance and flexibility is one way to go for hirers. JobStreet also recommends organizing work chats, buddy systems, and engagement activities even virtually. 

“SMEs must rethink the way they structure working spaces in these trying times. The best approach is to execute a human-centric culture within the company, and at the same time, enhance their efficiency by utilizing necessary tools and implementing benefits suited to their work setup,” advised JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.

Attendees also had a sharing session during the workshop, where they were able to share insights on retaining and attracting employees. 

“We really appreciate JobStreet for providing informative, practical, and relevant discussion with SMEs. I feel much better equipped as a human resource practitioner that will help our company achieve its goals and I look forward to putting this hands-on practice to use,” Envireau Pacific HR and Administration Head Reyna Fe Bulanda commented.  

Dexterous Group HR Manager Eva Andaya also shared her advice to fellow SME hirers, “Take it one day at a time; learn to prioritize and most importantly, to feel for their employees. HR role has evolved through these changing times, and we should be able to adapt to what we currently have.”

JobStreet has rolled out the virtual workshop in Malaysia and the Philippines, while other countries are scheduled to roll out their sessions within the year. 

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  1. Great initiative from Jobstreet the online job portal.Good news to all job seekers that they are secured. This virtual workshop may help all local hirers to be more responsible to all job seekers.


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