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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Mang Chicken Inasal delivered to every home or office is kept fresh, with its signature ihaw-sarap taste

The smell of freshly grilled Chicken Inasal and the juiciness of its meat, complemented by chicken oil, soy sauce, and calamansi. These we can enjoy not only when we dine in at Mang Inasal but also when we opt for takeout or delivery.   


With deliciousness, quality and safety of its food as its foremost priority, Mang Inasal ensures that lovers of its offerings enjoy their meals fresh-from-the-grill, wherever they dine. 

A recent campaign reiterates Mang Inasal’s commitment to deliver “Sarap ng Bagong Ihaw in every box.” Chicken Inasal delivered to every home or office is kept fresh, with its signature ihaw-sarap taste, as if it’s off the grill. This popular, satisfying food is cooked by expert grillmen and delivered fast by trained food riders.  


Watch how Mang Inasal retains its food’s quality whether it’s delivered or taken out through their latest video here.   


Aside from the Chicken Inasal, Mang Inasal also offers its other well-loved meals for takeout and delivery — like the Palabok, Liempo Inasal, Pork BBQ, Pork Sisig, Bangus Sisig, Chicken Empanada, among others.  


Since the lockdown, Mang Inasal has aggressively expanded the various access points through which customers can enjoy the meals they crave for. Check out its website, or place your orders through the Mang Inasal Direct Delivery Stores, GrabFood, foodpanda and other food distributors in your province.  



  1. Ang sarap talaga po nitong Chicken Inasal hinding hindi nakakasawa at talagang very recommended sure na mapapa extra rice ka dito love this 🥰🤤

  2. Great and satisfying taste of Grilled Chicken at Mang Inasal that makes them famous. Its good that they have home delivery aside despite of this pandemic. You always serve the best delicious grilled chicken.

  3. How we adore it's tasty features and busolved . It's the finest quality and great food we should consider. Lot of great finds in terms of grilled chicken

  4. I love Mang Inasal especially the chicken Inasal which is so yummy and juicy.

  5. Isa sa mga favorite ko talaga ang Mang inasal. Super love na love ko talaga itong Foods nila at talaga namang mapapa unli rice ka dito... Bukod sa masarap na nag bibigay din talaga ito ng kalidad at kaligtasan ng pagkain. 🥰👍

  6. Talagang Ang sarap ng mga foods sa mang inasal Lalo na itong chicken nila napaka juicy and quality at safety pa love this very recommended at mapapa extra rice ka 🥰

  7. Yung Fastfood na sobrang hindi nakakasawa ang Sarap ng Chicken from Mang Inasal Philippines grabe talagang mapapa Unli rice ka Sarap ... talagang gsto ko subukan if they How to Make this, highly recommended and Very Satisfying 👌💯🤤🤤🤤


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