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Monday, August 23, 2021

Jollibee shares 4 best parenting hacks and tips you should try for better parenting in the new normal

Whether we’re ready for it or not, parenting definitely changed during the pandemic. As everyone has to work or take classes at home for their health and safety, the needs of a parent have evolved.


If you’ve been struggling a little to match the demands of parenting in the new normal, worry not—here are a few tips to help you adapt to these times.

  1. Set a schedule

Make a plan for yourself and help your kids plan their day. First, organize your day so you can focus better on your necessary tasks. Then, help your kids organize their day so that the important things during their online classes are prioritized. This will allow them to look forward to relaxing and unwinding after all the schoolwork is done. When kids know they have some rest and recreation time to look forward to, they’ll be able to participate better in their remote learning.


  1. Encourage healthy routines in the household

Maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle is considered to be one of the most important things you can do to achieve good physical, mental, and social well-being — especially in the new normal. A fun activity you can do with your kids is exercising regularly. To make it more interesting, instead of the usual exercises, try exploring games that’ll make them break a sweat such as DIY obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and many more. Be creative!


  1. Take a midday shower

One good way to refresh your kids and keep them going is to have them take a quick shower in the middle of the day, preferably after lunch. You can do it too! It gets rid of the midday fatigue that’s built up from staring at a screen all morning, and it will energize them (and you) for the rest of the day.


  1. Bond over activities and food

There are many moments in this pandemic where your kids will need you to be there for them. You need to set aside time in the day to give them your complete and undivided attention. Try playing fun activities and games with your kids and see how much stress can be lifted every day. Bond over mealtimes with food that will make them happy, such as Jollibee’s Jolly Spaghetti! The meatiest, cheesiest, and sweet-sarap na walang katulad taste of Jolly Spaghetti will make these moments truly memorable! It’s always better to put a smile on their face with their favorite food while spending time at home.


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  1. Thank you Jollibee because these are very helpful tips to me as a mom.I agree that it's a bit difficult in dealing many home chores while taking care of my kids especially that they're having home learning class. Having time management and healthy routine would help us to match the demand of our kids in this New normal. I believe also giving them Jollibee kids meal will give them a smile because it is their favorite.

  2. This is very nice and very helpful po talaga Ang mga parenting hacks na ito Lalo na ngayong lockdown palagi nating kasama ang mga kids and perfect din magbonding while eating jolly spaghetti 🍝🥰

  3. Thank you for sharing this tips on how to face and manage all the challenges that we are facing.
    It is very helpful for all parents. Honestly I personally encourage my child to be more positive despite of our status in life. Be the best mom to be with them forever and always have great bonding of course together with Jolly Spaghetti our bonding will be great.

  4. Thankyou for sharing this tips po. Napakalaking tulong po nito para sa aming mga magulang . Yess po dapat din talaga bigyan natin sila ng masarap na pagkain gaya nitong Jolly Spaghetti. Mas maganda parin talaga na magkaroon tayo ng Bonding sa ating mga anak. Lalo na Ngayong pandemic. Need din talaga nila ito para maiwasan din nila ang pagkainip..

  5. Sa Jollibee 'Bida Ang Saya' 😊💯❤ thanks for sharing this tips Ms. Lou, truly this is so Much helpful For all the Parents and Children.. kasama ng jollibee patuloy nating maipaparamdam ang pagmamahal ng isang magulang sa mga anak, sa kabila ng mga Problemang dumarating sa buhay, wag mawalan ng Pag-asa at IEnjoy lang ang Buhay Kasama ng Mga Masasarap at delicious Food from Jollibee, Such an Awesome and great bonding Indeed.

  6. Tunay na "Bida ang Saya" how fantastic and awesome scenario. A big company which know how to value everything, consumer, customer and every family. A perfect family oriented initiative.


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