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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Enfagrow AII NuraPro Four is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines made with A2 milk protein

What a child eats, and drinks plays a great role in their health. Fortunately, there is a great variety in foods that leaves parents with options to satisfy their kids’ nutritional needs.


As one of the leading brands in children’s milk, Enfagrow AII NuraPro Four is one with parents in raising the next generation of healthy and smart kids with a heart. With its years of experience, the brand continues to provide expertly designed nutrition for children through its newest offering, the Enfagrow AII NuraPro Four. 

Help raise healthy, smart kids with a heart with the new Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four — made with pure A2 milk protein from rare A2 cows, that is all-natural and easy for kids to digest.

Enfagrow AII NuraPro Four is the first and only staged milk in the Philippines made with A2 milk protein purely sourced from rare New Zealand & European A2 cows. Unlike regular cows, A2 cows only produce the A2 milk protein type, which is easy for kids to digest and absorb.[1] Even better, it also has DHA & MFGM Pro that can help boost a child’s IQ and EQ development,[2] with proper nutrition and stimulation.

When provided with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, along with encouragement and support from their parents, a child can have an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional development with the aid of Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four.


Discover the Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four Difference – the 1st and only staged milk in the Philippines with all-natural A2 protein from rare A2 cows, that is easy for kids to digest and absorb. Now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets! Also online on LazadaShopee, and Enfagrow’s Official Store,

To know more about Enfagrow AII Nurapro Four, please visit, and sign up to Club Mama!




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  1. Extremely extraordinary kind of nutritious milk to our kids
    Definitely so good and we mom's approved

  2. I believe we should support our kids healthy growth and development . By giving them the right formula like Enfagrow will ensure us that their nutrition is on the right track.

  3. very recommended talaga ang enfagrow a+ nurapro four perfect for our kids to for them to easy digest and absorb may mga benefits pa at talagang yummy and healthy ❤️đŸ„°

  4. Enfagrow A+ is highly recommended milk drinks for the kids. It has more nutrients content that suit for the kids age and vitamins essential needs of our kidsđŸ„°

  5. Highly recommended po talaga itong Milk ng Enfagrow A+ very helpful po talaga ito sa mga kids. Sobrang daming taglay na benefits nito .. Pricey man pero worth it to buy..


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