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Friday, August 13, 2021

realme aims to empower today’s generation with its Dare To Be You campaign

True to its mission of championing the youth, realme, the  country’s number one smartphone brand, aims to empower today’s generation with its Dare To Be You campaign. 


Dare To Be You is the central theme of this year’s realme Global Fan Festival, as a tribute to 100M fans worldwide. It centers on amplifying the voices of young industry leaders who are making strides for their respective industries and advocacies. Through this, the brand aims to bring optimism and hope for the youth especially in these unprecedented times. 

“We know that today’s generation is under a lot of pressure to conform and give in to the external noises and criticism they encounter in their day-to-day lives. As a brand that’s for the youth and by the youth, realme hopes to encourage them to stay authentic and true to themselves in their pursuit of success. Our uniqueness deserves to be celebrated”, says Austine Huang, realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing.


The highlight of the campaign is a powerful short film that shows different young people around the world who embrace what makes them unique and are proud of it. The film perfectly encapsulates the brand’s thrust to empower the youth and chase success on their own terms. 


A tribute to 100M fans worldwide: 

The realme Dare To Be You Global Brand Film


Inspiring success by daring to be themselves


As part of the “Dare To Be You” campaign, realme also enlisted a number of inspiring and successful Filipino personalities who have managed to thrive in their chosen fields by simply daring to be themselves. 


Included in realme’s roster of inspiring personalities are drag artist Prince de Castro, who proudly stands at the forefront of the local queer scene; fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz, whose impeccable Filipino craftsmanship continues to make an impact on the global stage; shoutcaster Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto, who is pursuing his passion for esports and gaming despite dealing with a grave illness; model Reins Mika, who successfully represented the country in a prestigious international modeling competition; and creative director Ryuji Shiomitsu, whose vision and styling prowess continue to make waves here and abroad.


Each personality is set to tell their own stories of success and how they achieved it by unapologetically being themselves, defying negative stereotypes, biases, and prejudices. All of their experiences unequivocally prove that there is nothing anyone can say or do to hinder your success. 


You too can join realme’s month-long celebration of youth empowerment in the realme Global Fan Festival and watch the “Dare To Be You” film, as well as everyone’s amazing stories on the realme Philippines Facebook page at, and YouTube channel at


  1. It'll be fun and awesome "Dare to be you" aiming for youth empowerment in the #realme Global Fan Festival " how Im excited about it. This campaign does make a big difference " inspiring success by daring to be themselves"

  2. Dare to be you campaign of RealMe will help to encourage youth to be proud of themselves no matter what. To pursue their goals and dreams in life with faith and perseverance.

  3. The advocacy of Realme "Dare to be you" campaign is great and amazing. It will encourage the youth to be inspired by all successful youth and be on thier own journey to be successful.

  4. Very nice campaign to realme Lalo na they are aiming to empower today's generation dahil sa kanilang campaign na dare to be you. Maganda din Ang quality nitong realme kaya very recommended 👍🥰

  5. Talaga namang nakaka amaze po itong at Napakagandang Campaign po nitong realme . Through this, the brand aims to bring optimism and hope for the youth especially in these unprecedented times.


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