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Friday, September 10, 2021

Avon is unveiling the newest addition to Imari—the original line of sensual fragrances—with Imari Rouge

Once a woman ignites the fire within, she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Add a seductive scent to her arsenal, and she’s bound to be an unstoppable force.

In celebration of its 43rd anniversary in the Philippines, Avon is unveiling the newest addition to Imari—the original line of sensual fragrances—with Imari Rouge, its most daring fragrance to date. Each spray is designed to elevate one’s sensuality and pushes you to go after what you want with an unquestionable attitude and drive.

Exploring how sensuality can help anyone go after what they want – whether they’re braving it outdoors or staying at home – Avon asked 43 #EnrougedEmpowered Filipinas how they feel confident and formidable. The answers vary, but all go back to five recurring points. Here are the best ones:

Captivate with the Power of Fragrance

Model and beauty queen, Billie Hakenson, says spraying on perfume “is like the cherry on top; the final piece that completes a look. It's an instant confidence booster!” Lifestyle journalist Myrza Sison agrees, “Spraying it on can be like wearing armor — it may be psychological, but it makes me feel bold enough to face the world when I need to conquer it.”

That’s the allure of Avon’s signature perfume collection, Imari, which is adding another irresistible scent with the Imari Rouge. Every spray carries the opulence of a bouquet of roses, the quintessential boldness of red lipstick, and the unquestionable strength to pursue the biggest of goals.

This Chypre-Oriental fragrance greets with top notes made from rich Mandarin, dainty Pink Peppercorn, and Upcycled Apple Oil. The scent later reveals a soulful mix of Rose, Iris, and Peach Accord. Finally, you’ll be taken through irresistible and subversive base notes made from Indonesian Patchouli, Benzoin, and warm notes of Vanilla.

“A perfume is like a magic potion. The fragrance I wear instantly affects my mood and attitude - sexy, sweet, powerful, persuasive, or playful,” shares National Directress for Miss Trans Global PH, Janlee Dungca, “it's the secret ingredient to nailing what needs to be done.”

Get More Intimate with Apparel that actually fits

“Wear the right bra size, ladies. You won’t believe how many outfits made me feel more confident to wear since I adjusted my intimate apparel,” advises Mitch Carvalho, who works as a marketing manager and mommy blogger.

A study shared by Huffpost reports 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with 29 percent knowing they’re in that apparel apathy.

Show your Colors with bold makeup

“I swipe on a very bold color on my lips whenever I need extra confidence, and it works every time,” swears fashion editor and stylist, Bianca Santiago. “People can feed off your amazing energy when you look and feel that you’re at your best.”

Dubbed the Lipstick effect, putting on your makeup does make you feel smarter, happier, and more confident – as concluded by a study by Harvard Medical school.

Hear what you want to feel

Radio and events host Gianna Llanes shares, “I always have a playlist ready when I’m a bit down and just want to be in-tune with myself. Puts me right back in the right mindset to accomplish things.”

This theory was proven through a study from the Rotman Research institute who confirmed that when you listen to music that you like, it triggers a surge of dopamine, a “happy” chemical our body produces when we feel we accomplished something.

Taste the Dark Chocolate-y Truth

“Buy yourself a box of chocolates—the darker the better,” exclaims Chinx Esguerra, who runs a cake business during the day and works as a broker at night. “If you don’t want to share with anyone at home, that’s okay too. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.”

Chocolate contains mood boosters and mild stimulants, and that is why it’s been dubbed as “Food of the Gods”. And the darker the variant is, the more health benefits you’ll get.

Own Your Inner Vixen

For 43 years, Avon has continued to empower modern Filipinas so they can go after what they want and take their spot at the table. With just a spray of the Imari Rouge, women who want to explore their sensuality can use its irresistible scent to inspire confidence, allure, and attraction.

Shatter the standards and step out of the mold,” shares Anjie Nandwani, Global Brand Manager for Avon Fragrances. “Women need to be unapologetic about who they are and take up space in all fields.”

Own your sensuality now and feel #EnrougedEmpowered with the new Avon Imari Rouge. Check out the whole Imari collection and more at, or contact your local Avon representative.

Don’t have an Avon Representative? Visit or like and check out Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products!


  1. The scent we've been dreaming and looking forward to try it! Sensual and how smells good it was

  2. I like Avon brand because they are offering best product like Imari which has a very powerful.scent that every women love to experience.

  3. Imari is one of my mom's favorite scent. It smells good and she really loved to use it Everytime she has an errand. This is really amazing and highly recommended.

  4. Imari is the allure of Avon’s signature perfume collection because it has a good scent that people really love. It also help to boost the self confidence of a woman. Very recommended!

  5. I am not really a fan of cologne, fragrance, or scent, but for me I think this is a perfect example of multiple uses, it can be a gift to weddings, birthdays, debut, and even to your mom. I think this is a great anniversary product and it is higly recommended!❣️

  6. Very Recommended po talaga itong Imari. Napaka bango po talaga ng mga perfume ng Avon. Perfect din po talaga ipang gift ito. Napakaganda din talaga ng Packaging nya.


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