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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Jojo Bragais brand gained recognition for offering expertly designed shoes that combine style and utmost comfort

For the burgeoning Jojo Bragais shoe enterprise, being the official footwear sponsor of the recently held 69th Miss Universe pageant was an auspicious opportunity not only to showcase Filipino talent but also grow its brand and further expand their global market. 

Locally, the Jojo Bragais brand gained recognition for offering expertly designed shoes that combine style and utmost comfort. This is why many Filipino beauty pageant winners, including international celebrities, swear by Bragais shoes. 

The Bragais shoe design process is unique. According to Jojo Bragais, “While the usual route begins with a shoe sketch, we do it the other way around. We create the shoes first and then test them to get a feel if they’re good or not. Our pieces should be able to reliably carry the wearer whether on stage, the runway, or when they go out and perform their duties.

Following his achievement in the Miss Universe Pageant, Jojo intends to continue growing the business so that more customers can experience the distinction of their creations.  In fact, prior to the pandemic, there were plans of setting up mall-based stores, but he laid these aside since, through an e-commerce platform, he was able to continue showcasing Bragais shoes to an even wider market.

“E-commerce is the future of retail business. We will definitely strengthen our brand’s online presence,” said Jojo. To deliver his signature pieces to customers across the world, he is counting on FedEx.    

Jojo recounts how FedEx helped him fulfill commitments to the Miss Universe Pageant. “It was truly challenging. Together with my team of 60 craftsmen, we had to design and create 300 pairs of shoes all in a span of 10 days. And when it came to shipping the items to Florida, USA, the fast and reliable shipping solutions of FedEx enabled me to meet the tight deadline.”


With FedEx as a reliable logistics provider, Jojo is confident that his business can competently ride the digital wave and scale internationally.  


FedEx is a strong advocate for the growth of small and medium enterprises across the Asia Pacific region with its seamless courier services, helping many local businesses grow and launch to foreign markets.

Follow the next big adventures of Bragais Footwear on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Visit FedEx Express Philippines to learn more innovative ways to expand your business globally. 


  1. Yes , we always wanted shoes that are unique in design, fashionable style , and will give us utmost comfort. Of course, we need our products to be delivered safely and on time .Good thing because Bragais shoes choose Fed Ex as their partner in their business.Bragais shoes is what we are looking for 👍☺️.

  2. He is we'll known,so trusted by many ,he's creations are all beautiful and classy. How he makes magic every time ,like a Cinderella

  3. Wow tlga nmang npaka ganda dn nitong bragais shoes ganda ng quality . Kaya marami din ang gumagamit . Lalo na sa mga pageant 🤗❤️

  4. Bragais is a very nice brand when it comes to shoes and good thing about them is they offering expertly designed shoes that combine style and utmost comfort. Perfecr for all people who really loves joining pageant. 💯🤩

  5. Highly recommended unique designs of shoes. Very reasonable and classy shoes that really satisfied the customers standards. Bragais shoes is well known for high quality and trusted brand for many years.

  6. Magandang brand po talaga itong Bragais. Pricey man pero worth it din po Talagang bilhin.. Gaganda din po talaga ng shoes nila. At talaga namang napaka tibay..


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