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Thursday, September 2, 2021

UNIQLO today announces the launch of AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts, feminine care innerwear

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts, feminine care innerwear to support women through bodily changes in different stages of their lives. UNIQLO’s Femcare innerwear line, which includes front-open innerwear and maternity items, has continued to expand and evolve with unique technologies based on customer feedback. AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts will be available at UNIQLO Philippine’s Online Stores and the UNIQLO App from Monday, September 27. 


UNIQLO’s first liquid-absorbing sanitary shorts


Three-layer construction for all-day dryness

The dependable three-layer construction comprises a quick-drying and odor control layer that keeps the surface against the skin comfortable, an absorbent layer able to hold up to 30-40ml of liquid, and a water-resistant layer made of laminated water-repellent fabric. The absorbent layer only covers the crotch area, while the water-resistant layer extends across the back up to the waist, keeping the rear dry while reducing unpleasant stiffness.


AIRism and a seamless construction deliver silky comfort

The use of silky and smooth AIRism fabric in a seamless construction provides superb comfort. The gusset portion in the crotch has a bonding finish that crimps the fabric to minimize leakage from the seam needle holes.


Three-layer construction crotch area

Four color variations that can be matched with Wireless Bra 3D Hold

AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts - Product Details

Water-resistant layer fully covers the hip and prevents leakage





Launch date:     September 27, 2021 (Monday)

Availability:       UNIQLO.COM/PH and UNIQLO APP

Price:                 Php 990.00

Sizes:                 S-XL


UNIQLO Femcare Innerwear to Fit Women’s Lifestyles

Maternity Shorts & Leggings

The maternity shorts and leggings series help women stay comfortable throughout the maternity period, from the early to late stages of pregnancy.








Maternity Shorts

(Low-rise) Php 390.00

Maternity Shorts

(High-rise) Php 390.00

Maternity Leggings

Php 790.00




Relaxed Innerwear

AIRism Bra Tank top

Php 990.00

Wireless Bra

(Shapelift) Php 1,290.00

Employing various innovations to achieve functionality without restricting the body, UNIQLO Relaxed Innerwear products are also popular among women with various lifestyles and everyday needs.


  1. I love Uniqlo because it has high quality and I love this sanitary shorts, it has a simple design but looks good and comfortable to wear❤️

  2. Ganda product nitong UNIQLo . Hughly recommended ang comfy lang niya suotin 🤗❤️ sure p na pang matagalan nting mgagaamit dahil sa ganda ng quality ❤️

  3. This is for a special garments, wherein it fits us perfectly and beautiful. How we see them almost, comfy and chic

  4. Uniqlo is one of the best brand when it comes to clothes because they use silky and smooth AIRism fabric to provides superb comfort.🤩💯

  5. UNIQLO is one of the best brands of clothes in the industry. Truly appreciate its high quality products. This sanitary shorts for comfort wear is very interesting.

  6. One of the best brands of clothing din tlaga ang Uniqlo.
    Very comfy to wear. Gustong Gusto ko rin Talagang magkaroon nito .


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