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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Christmas Smartphone for Those Who Have Been Nice

As much as we lola’s deny it, we always have that one child, whom we love and favor even for just a little teeny bit. He/she might be a little bit more malambing, more matalino, more talented, or even just more mabango.


It might not even be an apo. It could be a pamangkin, or maybe an inaanak, but when he/she is around, we just light up when they come running for an embrace or kiss.


So instead of just getting them a generic gift like a toy, or a dress, we want to give them something special for Christmas.


A couple of weeks ago Huawei introduced us to their latest smartphone the Huawei Nova Y61 and for those of you looking that would make your favorite feel extra special. This might be the perfect gift you are looking for.

Okay so a smartphone might be a debatable gift as I know there are those who don’t want their kids to be so consumed by their phones. But hear me out, after the pandemic changed the way our kids study, a mobile phone can be one of the most useful tools for school. They could use it for research, for communication, and socialization, and it can even help them discover new interests by watching the right content.  


They can enjoy a more immersive viewing experience with the ‘HUAWEI nova Y61’s big 6.52-inch screen with a resolution of 1600x720p. This HD+ screen makes watching those tutorial videos clearer or reading those web articles much easier. I’ve seen a lot of interesting content on Huawei Video that they can enjoy on a bigger screen.


On top of this high-definition viewing experience, this smartphone also has a new feature called the 8x Ultra High-Resolution Touching Control and Intelligent Dimming Control. You don’t have to worry about hurting their eyes as it screen adopts Huawei's unique 10,000-level dimming technology. The screen brightness adjuster is now more sensitive and smoother.


This AI-powered auto-dimmer can also record the user's dimming preferences in low-light environments and strong-light environments, and generate benchmarks for their preference.  It has Eye Comfort Mode that reduces the blue pixels of the image, effectively reducing the proportion of blue light, providing better protection to the user’s eyes so you don’t have to worry too much about them looking at the screen for long periods of time like when they need to do research or read.

Speaking of reading, for those kids who love books, the built in e-Book Mode will let them enjoy a paper-like reading experience for a more comfortable and focused viewing experience


If you are a family who likes to travel or  just do a lot of family bonding activities, they can use the Huawei nova Y61’s triple camera to take photos and videos to document your special moments.


Huawei has established a name for having great phone cameras and the nova Y61’s has a triple camera that could set off their interest in photography.


The main 50MP AI Camera can capture highres photographs with crystal clear details and ideal brightness. It works quite well in great lighting conditions and could teach them how to experiment when there is less ideal lighting by using night mode. The second rear lens is a 2MP Depth Camera. Working in tandem with the 50MP Main Camera it can produce well-lit aperture photographs that highlight the subject and their features in full clarity with that bokeh background. The third lens is a 2MP (4cm) Macro Camera, now this would work great when they are exploring the outdoors trying to capture small objects or animals and they can zoom up close to the subject 4cm from the lens to capture more details.

Sample Shots

I’ve actually been using the Huawei nova Y61 to cover events and its capable of taking photos with good detail, nice colors and there are several modes that are quite interesting to experiment with like super night shot for capturing those Christmas lights and some street photography.


Young kids love Short videos like reels and Tiktoks and the Y61 has this cool video feature which supports continuous recording between front and rear cameras. During the video recording process, the front and rear shots can be switched multiple times with a simple click, preventing inconvenient delays when shooting. Now they can shoot quick vlogs and share them with other family members and friends. I on the other hand am quite fixated with Slow Motion as its fun to create detailed slow-mo videos that captures changing micro-expressions and little micro-movements.


Do they love taking selfies? The 5MP Front Camera comes with the AI-powered Beauty Mode 5.1, which enables smoother and brighter skin tones, face-lifting, and other AI-powered effects to achieve personalised skin beautification while also detecting the user’s gender and age. They might not need it—but it wouldn’t hurt if they can also make us look younger in their photos right?


If other family members are using HUAWEI phones, the nova Y61 also supports multi-party calls through MeeTime, this will be a great tool to stay connected with their loved ones over long distances, so they won’t miss family gatherings with other relatives or friends on the other side of the world.

Kids love to download app and they can discover more games and apps via the Huawei APP Gallery. As the 3rd biggest app store they are sure to find a lot of interesting applications to download. If they need to download Google apps there’s this new app called GBox that will let them download the apps they might need like Gmail, Maps, Photos etc.,


I was easily able to find and install my favorite apps via the APP Gallery and Petal search and they all work on the Huawei nova Y61. Using it as a work device, everything worked fine with very little slowdown (that’s only when I forget that I’ve opened too many apps or browser windows.) And while this might not be a gaming phone, I was able to enjoy my usual tita puzzle games without lag or error messages.

Sample Shots

Another thing I liked is the battery life. Since kids probably would use the phone for long periods of time to play or watch, the Huawei nova Y61’s 5,000mAh battery can keep up with them. It also comes with a 22.5W fast charger. Huawei said it has an intelligent battery management that learns charging habits through AI. And with a total of 20 layers of charging protection, fast charging protection, and USB port overheating protection you don’t have to worry about your kid forgetting to unplug it. Charge the HUAWEI nova Y61 for 30 minutes, and it you can use it for 4.3 hours games, 11.3 hours of phone calls, 6.1 hours of web surfing, and 6 hours of video streaming.


Lastly, the Huawei nova Y61 has that trendy design I’m sure the young kids will love to show off. Huawei said it calls it the Star Effect design as a tribute to the universe. When placed under light, the back panels glow exquisitely and remind us of a bright shimmering star in a distant galaxy. Its available in three colors Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue and Minty Green which is a light pastel hue inspired by the colors of nature. The Y61 is also very slim to fit in any bag and light enough to make it comfortable to hold and use.


So there, if you are planning to get your favorite kid a smartphone this Christmas, the Huawei nova Y61 has an eye catching design, fun camera modes, nice display good overall performance and a battery that lasts.

The Huawei nova Y61 is priced at PHP 7,999 and those who buy now at offline and onlineHUAWEI Stores, authorized retail outlets, and leading e-commerce sites Shopee and Lazada will get a free mug worth PHP 999.


  1. Omg wow ang ganda ganda . Love the quality and specs . The best tlga ang huawei ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Oh wow so nice naman ng Christmas gift na ito๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜ang ganda ng features and specifications

  3. Ang gandang phone #HuaweiNovay61
    Panalo sa quality and specs
    Plus very affordable na pwede siya pang gift

  4. The best Ito SA mga mahilig mag picture na talagang Namang sure Satiesfied Ka SA quality ng camera


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