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Thursday, November 24, 2022

NEGO KING PH is coming soon in the Philippines for FREE on ANIMA Studios’ YouTube Channel


South Korea's most watched reality show, “Nego King,” will finally reach the Philippines as KROMA's ANIMA Studios partners with one of the leading global entertainment content companies, A+E Networks™ Asia.


A Philippine version of the reality show is coming soon and will be made accessible to viewers in the Philippines for FREE on ANIMA Studios’ YouTube Channel. Hosted by popular Filipino radio and TV personality Sam YG, the show will be produced in Taglish (Tagalog-English). With a following of 453K on Instagram, 21K on Facebook, and 1.6M followers on Twitter, the new Nego King PH host is sure to keep the viewers engaged, laughing and haggling through every episode. 


Since the original South Korean “Nego King” premiered two years ago on YouTube, it has steadily gained fame. Now, the show, which has aired 60 episodes across 4 seasons, has amassed a total  135 million views, and the eyeballs keep coming.


In this popular web show, the host is “the king of negotiation,” interacting with ordinary customers through street interviews. The goal is to get to know the pulse of the people by asking for their opinion, critique, and wishes, especially on discounts and/or freebies on various “goods,” which may be an item or service such as beauty or cosmetic products, food, appliances or home items, and electronic gadgets, to name a few.


Later, the Nego King faces CEOs of the brands mentioned in each episode to leverage customer sentiment to get the best deals or discounts. This makes for highly relatable content in an era of belt-tightening due to inflation, especially among Filipinos who love a good bargain. 


Now, with ANIMA’s newest partnership with A+E Networks™  Asia, the best Nego Show (Negosyo) of South Korea will soon be entertaining Filipinos with a local version in Taglish, bringing excitement and better deals for the Philippine audience, from clothes to food and various accessories and services.


Watch out because the Nego King may just pop in your neighborhood for ambush interviews. 


Tara nang tumawa at tumawad sa Nego King PH!


To learn more about the Philippine’s Nego Show and other works of ANIMA, visit its official website at



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  2. This is great at maraming matutuwa nito lalo sa mga nego king fans na mapanood na nila sa YouTube channel

  3. So convinient naman dahil meron na sila sa YouTube 😍

  4. Yay so exciting and interesting naman po nito. Kaabang abang 🥰


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