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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Here’s how you can make your Christmas celebration extra fun and meaningful with Canva

For many Pinoys, celebrating Christmas for the past two years came with limitations due to the pandemic. Now, with restrictions being lifted, many Christmas traditions are making a comeback, including everyone’s favorite Christmas party and exchange gift tradition. 

The excitement to celebrate and reunite with your favorite Christmas kabarkada is definitely in the air. What better way to celebrate than to make sure everyone feels just how much you miss them? Here’s how you can make your Christmas celebration extra fun and meaningful with Canva:

For the reliable planner

Do you love to plan and convince everyone to get together this Christmas? From choosing the venue and budgeting and splitting your bills to taking care of the food or checking everyone’s availability, you are the group’s go-to person when it comes to organizing a party!

You’ll definitely benefit from having a party checklist so you don’t miss out on any details. You can also design your own invitation or event website easily and for free without any coding needed using Canva. 

For the generous Santa

Giving is your love language. You are everyone’s favorite because you’re way too generous when it comes to giving Christmas gifts. You like customizing gifts or sourcing presents from local businesses.

Take your gift giving up a notch higher and design your own gift tags using Canva! Design custom tags for gifts and more with free, printable tag templates that are easy to customize to suit your needs. 

For the holiday hustler

You may be too busy with work, school or your business but you can’t miss making Christmas extra despite your packed schedule. Sometimes things can get overwhelming too but because you always want to put your best foot forward for the people who matter to you, even simple gifts can look more extra if you design your own gift wraps from scratch with Canva.

If you really don’t have the time, consider giving cash as gifts—all you need is a QR code template that makes sending money a little extra.


For the ultimate performer

No Christmas party will be complete without you and your vibrant energy! You’re either the star performer, the host, the game master or everyone’s cheerleader. No one in the group feels left out because your presence makes any room light up. 

Surprise everyone with the perfect performance complete with visual backgrounds made on Canva or use these game presentation templates to start it all off.

For the sweet sentimentalist

You are the self-proclaimed official videographer and photographer of the night. While at times, you just like lurking around and observing on the side, what brings you real joy is to see everyone who’s important to you in one place and creating memories that last.

Your gift may be in the form of a printed photograph or a same-day-edit video or Instagram Reel so everyone has something to look back on. However you want to capture these special moments, make them more extra with Canva’s mobile video templates

Not sure which Christmas kabarkada you are? Check out Canva’s Christmas Persona Quiz here and start designing your way to an extra merrier Christmas.

Downloadable Assets here


  1. Thank you for sharing this! very informative ❤️talaga ang ating pasko ay so fun and meaningful with Canva💜love this

  2. So nice naman ng Canva😍😍 mas magiging masaya at meaningful ang Pasko

  3. Wow ang gaganda tlga sa canva . Thank you for sharing 😍

  4. The best talaga ang Canva and perfect Ang mga templates for Christmas celebration 🥰


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