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Monday, November 21, 2022

Remy Martin launched its newest addition to their Cognac Fine Champagne collection at the recent Whisky Live 2022 in Manila

French spirits house best known for its winegrowing heritage and cognac expertise, Remy Martin launched its newest addition to their Cognac Fine Champagne collection at the recent Whisky Live 2022 in Manila, the biggest liquor event in the world.

Selected for its oaky smoothness, the 1738 Accord Royal is a unique blend of cognac rooted in deep history – born from the cask and named in honor of the Accord Royal granted by King Louis XV to Rémy Martin in 1738.

The 1738 Accord Royal, described as a truly distinctive cognac, has exceptional smoothness and rounded oakiness that start with the toasting of the casks, before the eaux-de-vie begins to mature. Full of floral, fruity, spicy, and toasted flavors, it lends itself to a whole host of cocktails and food pairings.

“It is with great pride to introduce Rémy Martin’s newest 1738 Accord Royal to the Philippines,” said Rémy Cointreau Philippines Chief Representative Ed Guzman. “Our newest product is especially made for the younger market as it has extraordinary smoothness and subtle notes of toasted bread, vanilla, and brioche that can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in a cocktail on any occasion.”

With its outstanding quality, 1738 Accord Royal has also been recognized and approved by experts in the most prestigious competitions, winning 4 double gold medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a gold medal in the Cognac Masters.

Aligned with the core values of Rémy Martin, the Whisky Live 2022 is the perfect event to have launched the newest product of Rémy Martin. Recognized as an international Spirits event – which takes place from London to Tokyo, Paris to New York, and some of the major cities in the world – the premier tasting event allowed thousands of guests to be the first ones to try the Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal in the Philippines.

“As we celebrate the comeback of Whisky Live Manila, there is no other perfect time to launch the 1738 Accord Royal. Aside from its quality, 1738 Accord Royal signifies and celebrates true depth of character and sheer indulgence of sharing good moments,” said Rémy Cointreau Philippines Country Brand Lead Myke Soon. “We want to make sure that the attendees will have a memorable experience as they celebrate life, and drink to life with Rémy Martin,” he added.

Rémy Martin is also set to bring the 1738 Accord Royal to different parts of Metro Manila this year, an exciting debut that casual and occasional drinkers should look out for. 

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