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Friday, November 25, 2022

Beko has rounded up a list of ideas for you and your loved ones to enjoy a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle this Christmas!


Filipinos love to share their blessings during the holidays and shopping for gifts—whether it is for family members and friends, the office exchange gift, or raffles—is always part of everyone’s Christmas preparations.


For holiday gifts, appliances that are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, give us energy savings, are good choices. 


Beko uses innovation to develop environment-friendly and energy-efficient products because the brand is guided by the belief that healthy living is possible on a healthy planet. 


This holiday season, Beko is also giving away promos and discounts with their appliances.So if you’re still looking for gifts for the holiday season, worry no more as Beko has rounded up a list of ideas for you and your loved ones to enjoy a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle this Christmas!


Want To Get Into Healthy Living This Holiday Season? Check Out Beko’s Air Fryer!


You can relax while waiting for your food to be done, as the Beko FRL2942 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price: Php 3,321) has a fryer timer so whatever you’re cooking doesn’t get soggy. It also has an oil measurement spoon that enables you to measure how much oil to use, so your meat, chicken, and vegetables come out deliciously crisp and healthy.


Go For Beko’s Steam Irons When You’re In A Rush To Get A Gift For Your Christmas Party’s Exchange Gift


Consuming only 2200 - 2400 W, Beko SIM3122T and SIM3124D steam irons offer automatic shut-off, self-cleaning, and anti-drip features. 


Get Beko SIM3122T for only Php1,431 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price) and the Beko SIM3124D for only Php1,791 (Beko Sends Love Price).


The Perfect Gift For Your Family Member Who Has Just Moved Houses


In need of a perfect Christmas and moving-in gift? Check out Beko’s cordless vacuum cleaners!


Enjoy up to an hour of intensive cleaning with the Beko VRT82821BV and VRT94929VI. Beko’s cordless vacuum cleaners have an ActiFlex function that lets the nozzle glide under furniture and hard-to-reach spots for thorough cleaning with minimal effort.


Enjoy cleaning with Beko VRT94929VI for only Php 16,791 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price) and with Beko VRT82821BV for only Php 13,491 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price).


The Perfect Christmas Raffle Gift Is A Coffee Maker


Need something for your Christmas raffle? Check out Beko’s espresso machines and coffee makers!


Coffee lovers will surely enjoy the Beko CEG5331X: Espresso Machine (19 Bar) as it also has an integrated milk frother that gives you the perfect cappuccino or cafe latte cup.


With the machine’s adjustable nozzle height, you can enjoy your espresso in different cup sizes, from small (40 mL) to medium (120 mL) to large (190 mL). It also has anti-sleep feet that secures the machine from falling.


You can also enjoy the aroma and richness of your coffee with the Beko CFM6401I: Filter Coffee Machine. You can increase the brewing intensity and extract more flavor from your coffee with a button.


The coffee machine also has the drip stop function, which allows you to drink the first drip of your coffee even when it’s still brewing.


Make your Christmas raffle more energetic and alive with the Beko CFM6401I for only Php2,061 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price) and the Beko CEG5331X for only Php21,591 (Beko Sends Love Promo Price).


Choosing Christmas gifts may take time and effort, but with Beko, you can make your holidays and a new year filled with steps towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


For more information about Beko in the Philippines, go to or visit their Facebook page at and their Instagram page at




  1. For holiday gifts, appliances that are environment-friendly, energy-efficient kay Beko lang tayo !napakaganda lahat ng items at affordable

  2. The best talaga ang Beko Appliances💙

  3. Ang ganda brand nito . Tlgang perfect din ito pang gift ngayong holiday season 😍

  4. Yay highly recommended beko appliance sure na high quality and perfect gift


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