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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

World Vision launches the “New Year of Firsts” campaign which appeals to the public to make a difference and support thousands of Filipino children

In its latest bid to create deeper awareness and care for more children in 2023, child-focused humanitarian agency World Vision launches the “New Year of Firsts” campaign which appeals to the public to make a difference and support thousands of Filipino children to experience hope and a brighter future amidst crises and uncertainties.

"This year, we want to make it special for children. We can offer them the things that will benefit them in the long run. Children are our future, so we encourage those capable to help build their futures as well. These are the kinds of gifts that give back,” said World Vision’s National Director Mr. Rommel Fuerte. 

The pandemic has brought challenges to many Filipino families, making it more difficult for low-income families and communities to meet even the most basic needs of their children. They have been among the directly affected for years and are today barely surviving as the rest of the world tries to recover.

Through this campaign, children can have access to life-changing basic needs like health and nutrition, clean water, education, child protection, and livelihood through a donation of Php 750 per month or Php 25 per day, which can go a long way ­­to improve their well-being, including social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. 

The New Year of Firsts Campaign is supported by generous sponsors, volunteers, and staunch advocates like Filipino actress Bianca Umali who has been supportive of World Vision in creating communities where kids are safe, healthy, and hopeful. 

Ever since I became part of World Vision, it has always felt like I am able to fulfill, if not whole, at least a part of my purpose in life. Which is to serve, inspire and put smiles, especially on children's faces,” shared Umali. 

World Vision annually reaches about 1.5 million children nationwide, including 254,439 children directly benefited through its child sponsorship, community-based development programs, emergency response and various advocacies which promote the children’s voice and their protection. Since it started more than 65 years ago, World Vision has touched and changed  the lives of almost 40 million children, including their families and communities..

Make this a year of "firsts" for you and a child in need. Become a child sponsor today by visiting

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