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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Enjoy Pandago's convenient and affordable delivery service for your personal or business needs

If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable delivery service to send your packages, then foodpanda has got you covered! Beyond delivering its app users’ food and grocery needs, foodpanda is now rolling out its latest on-demand service, pandago, where you can enjoy a convenient and affordable delivery service for your personal or business needs.

“As the country’s leading online food and grocery platform, we want to take a step further and also provide Filipinos the convenience of having items such as documents, gifts, and packages delivered to their family and friends — with the same easy-to-use convenience that our foodpanda users are accustomed to when ordering their favorite food from their favorite restaurants,” said Patricia Jacinto, operations director of foodpanda Philippines. “This is also part of our continued efforts to expand our services and operations to meet the growing demand of both consumers and businesses.”

“Coming from a successful initial run in Davao and Cabanatuan, we wanted to bring this to our customers nationwide, so they can make use of pandago’s effortless and reliable on-demand delivery service any time of the day and anywhere they are in the country,” Jacinto added. 

Putting a premium on speed, safety and security 


With pandago, users can have their packages safely delivered 24/7 within a short amount of time. Now, you no longer have to worry about long package deliveries as urgent deliveries can be done with just a simple tap on the app. Using pandago is easy: just input your pick-up and drop off location. Proof of pick-up and delivery is also available on the app so you can monitor and get on top of the condition of your package. 


Take advantage of another convenient feature using pandago – a real-time tracking function that provides updates on delivery status. This gives you the security and assurance of knowing where your package is currently at. 


In cases of lost, stolen or damaged packages, pandago also offers insurance coverage for your items. But there’s no cause for worry because with foodpanda’s extensive fleet of highly-trained delivery partners, you can be assured that your packages will be picked up and delivered safely. 



Send it like a panda


Whether you’re sending items to your friends and family, shipping orders to your customers, or a buyer receiving your orders from online sellers, foodpanda’s pandago will help pick up and deliver your clothes, accessories, gadgets, toys, and more. 


“With pandago, we strive to be the reliable app that can now deliver anything to anyone, even their packages, by offering a fast, convenient, and affordable instant package delivery service,” said Jacinto. 


It also underscores foodpanda’s vision to encourage its app users to focus on the things that matter to them, as part of their recently launched brand philosophy, Live like a panda. 


One perfect example of this is a teacher from Surigao who used pandago to send important review materials to the students she’s tutoring. 


“The story of one of our first-ever pandago customers only goes to show how we can help our customers send whatever they need, so they can have time for more important tasks or things in their daily routines.”

Jacinto also shared that this new service is one of the ways the company is responding and catering to the growing demands of Filipino consumers, as well as small businesses. “Aside from our regular consumers, we also want to help micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs), including small start-ups and home-based online businesses cut operational costs on the delivery of their products at an affordable rate.” 

pandago will now be available nationwide starting April 17. Experience the convenience of instant deliveries with pandago, your on-demand delivery service for everyday needs. From your important packages to daily essentials, pandago will have your goods delivered straight to your door.

It’s time to go with pandago and discover swift and seamless delivery! For first-time orders, you can get to avail a delivery fee for as low as Php 3.00 only. Head to the app now and use the code NEWPGO to avail the discount and send your packages at the most affordable price and fast delivery. 


  1. Thank you for sharing mam lou sobrang convenient at afford talaga nito done reading your blog din


  3. Wow, nationwide na. Gusto ko iyong real-time tracking feature ng app nila para updates if nasaan na ang parcel.

  4. Yay ang nice naman ng Panda Go na ito
    Experience the convenience of instant deliveries . Affordable price and fast delivery 🥰 waiting nalang sa bahay .

  5. Talagang super convenient at affordable ang dulot mo SA amin food panda🥰♥️


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