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Monday, April 24, 2023

Ken San Jose drops his very first single under Universal Records Philippines, Titled “Tago”


Ken San Jose drops his very first single under Universal Records Philippines. Titled “Tago”, this doesn’t need to be in hiding anymore this 2023. 

According to the acclaimed dancer and now a recording artist, this groovy pop song was written by Filipino-Canadian producer August Rigo, widely known by youngsters as the one who co-wrote “Black Swan” by K-Pop group BTS. According to him, the song essentially tells that there’s no point in hiding someone’s relationship anymore. “Tago” is all about keeping things completely real. 

Ken also shares that the song points him towards a direction where everything’s authentic and coming from the heart. “The song also applies to my life because I’m coming out with new music that’s keeping it real with what I want to do in my career and keeping things authentic moving forward,” he shares.

Ken’s clear and youthful vocals cascade over nicely produced electronic pop effects and powerful bass throughout the project. The song has some Filipino parts and although it’s somehow a challenge for Ken, he did those parts so well during recording.

August, on the other hand, expresses his excitement for this song because he thinks that it will bring out Ken’s impressive star quality more. 

He tells, “It was a real pleasure to be working with Ken and Universal Records on his first release. Ken is a versatile creative. We wanted to give him (produce) something dark but also danceable to bring out Ken’s star qualities.  Ken and UMPH gave us some insight on his musical direction and I think we nailed this! I’m excited for everyone to hear this.”

Furthermore, Ken’s New York-based artist buddy Brian Tu worked together with Universal Records’ creatives to craft the song’s very artistic single artwork. Brian is known for making cool content with 88rising artists as well.

“Tago” is part of the latest Fresh Finds Philippines playlist on Spotify! Stream it while it’s hot! 


  1. Woww ang ganda ng kanyang Song ❤️❤️🫶🏻

  2. Ganda ng vibe ng kanta. Chill lang siya, sarap pakinggan.


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