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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Fruitas offers freshly bottled Buko Juice

One of the foundations of good health is proper hydration. This is especially true in tropical countries like ours. Water is the default choice, but another go-to refresher that hydrates, tastes great, and gives you a little bit something extra is Buko Juice or Coconut Water. 

Buko Juice does wonders for your body as it contains rich minerals and nutrients. It’s a drink that reduces stress and fatigue. For those who have an active lifestyle, drinking it helps in boosting your energy levels, improves physical performance, and quickly replenishing the lost fluids in your body. It is an excellent alternative to sugary sports drinks and other unhealthy beverages, especially during the hot summer months.

Fortunately, this “wonder drink” is readily available in the Philippines. You no longer have to wait for your suki buko vendor as Fruitas offers freshly bottled Buko Juice in all their branches. Every bottle is clean, convenient, and chilled, with only the freshest juice because it comes straight from the fruit. The best part? It's 100% pure, all-natural, with no added sugar. It’s available all-year round and can be purchased from any of the Fruitas stalls or community stores nationwide. It’s now even available online!

In line with this push for readily available and fresh buko juice, House of Fruitas (HoF) recently launched the Fruitas Always campaign. Fruitas believes that its products are always and can be a part of our daily lives whether it’s a quick pick me up or a reward after a long day. In short, House of Fruitas offerings and their respective products can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and in any occasion.

Other brands under the House of Fruitas (HoF) umbrella like Jamaican Pattie, Balai Pandesal, Soy and Bean and Balai Mart also have the 100% Pure and Fresh Fruitas Buko Juice, ready for you to enjoy. Thirsty summer travelers, or those just looking for a good drink, can easily quench themselves as they’re one of the biggest providers of the freshest buko juice in the country. 

You can also be the one selling these refreshing drinks by becoming one of the frentrepreneurs in the HoF Fruitful Franchise Family. Become the owner and operator of any of HoF’s popular and profitable brands. There are over 20 brands that you can choose to start your frentrepreneur journey with. All of them come with excellent support and advice from HoF to give you the best chances of success.

For more information on how to franchise, you may email their Franchise Officers at or send a message at 0939-1010-101. You can also visit their website at


  1. Very refreshing drinks pampawi ng uhaw dahil sa sobrang init

  2. THIS IS SO REFRESHING DRINK AND and pwede din Pala ,be the one selling this refreshing drink
    by becoming one of the frentrepreneurs in the HoF Fruitful Franchise Family and thank you for sharing po

  3. Isa dn tlga sa perfect ang drink na ito , refreshing and ang healthy pa .

  4. Agree po, ang healthy ng Buko Juice. Ang sarap uminom nito lalo na kapag malamig na Buko Juice, perfect ngayong summer.


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