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Friday, April 21, 2023

Here are four simple ways to reward yourself during a workday, whether you’re working in the office or from home

Working for several hours a day can be tiring, that’s why efficient workers use motivational “tricks” to stay upbeat no matter how busy their day gets. One the tricks is to give yourself a small “treat” for a job well done. What it does is help encourage you to finish your daily tasks.


These don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Simple and easy-to-do activities can feel satisfying and may even energize you for your next task. Here are four simple ways to reward yourself during a workday, whether you’re working in the office or from home:


Have a coffee break


Who doesn’t love sipping on coffee at work? Go to a quiet spot in the office lounge or at home and enjoy your drink without distractions. For a delightful experience, indulge in a sweet and comforting cup of Great Taste Supreme in Toffee Hazelnut Latte or Black Forest Latte! 


Say hello to your friends


Catching up with a friend—even just virtually—can give you that fun and rewarding break in between your busy day. While you’re at it, enjoy a satisfying treat by munching on Cloud 9 GoldEnjoy the mouthful of sensations offered by Cloud 9 Gold Almond Fudge, and the sweet and salty combination of Cloud 9 Gold Caramel Nut Crisp!


Take a quick walk


Taking short walks can stretch your legs and get your heart pumping. To make these walks fun and purposeful, how about using them to drop by a convenience store near your office for a snack? Try Calbee – potato chips with unique Japanese flavors like Honey Butter, Wasabi, Cheddar and Sour Cream, and Classic Salted. 


Play a game


Finishing a mind-numbing task requires a brain break. So, how about spending a couple of minutes playing your favorite mobile game? Make the experience rewarding by enjoying sweet treats like Cream-O Premium, a melt-in-your-mouth, choco-coated, vanilla sandwich cookie!


Try these activities and you’ll feel more rewarded at the end of your workday. And don’t forget to partner them with premium yet affordable everyday rewards like Great Taste Supreme, Cloud 9 Gold, Calbee, Cream-O Premium, and more delightful treats from Universal Robina Corporation (URC)! 


URC’s wide range of snacks can help you create delightful and rewarding experiences out of simple, everyday moments. Explore them and discover #URDelightfulChoice!


Shop your favorite URC treats at a supermarket near you or online via GoCart.



  1. deserved talaga natin e reward ang ating mga sarili after the busy days and Thank You for sharing this ways Ms lou
    Helpful talaga ang mga ito

  2. Namiss ko magwork sa URC grabe ang daming product talaga nila

  3. Yass agree ako dito have a coffee break with Great Taste Supreme in Toffee Hazelnut Latte or Black Forest Latte 🥰

  4. Agree sa mga ways nato ❤️ miinsan nga give yourself a break and ttime to relax ❤️ at isa naa sa mga good ways yung mga aadvice niyo Ms. Lou ❤️ coffee break, quick walks, play games and syempre talking to friends kasi talagang mahala ang may nakakausap tayo ❤️


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