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Monday, April 17, 2023

Palawan Pawnshop Group provide a seamless and convenient experience to customers

Palawan Pawnshop Group, the leading pawnshop and remittance company in the Philippines, has been providing innovative and reliable financial services to Filipinos for 37 years. With its omnichannel approach, Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express Pera Padala, PalawanPay, and Palawan ProtekTODO provide a seamless and convenient experience to customers, whether they need to pawn their jewelry, transfer money, pay bills, or avail personal insurance.

According to Janice, a mom of three and a regular customer of Palawan Pawnshop Group, “Palagi ako sa Palawan Pawnshop nagsasangla dahil mataas ang appraisal ng mga alahas at mababa din ang interest. Bukod pa doon, nakakareceive rin ako ng text reminders kapag malapit na ang due date ko, nakakatulong talaga ito para mas mamanage ko ang aking finances”.  ("I always choose Palawan Pawnshop because of their high appraisal value and low interest on my pawned jewelries. I also appreciate that they send text reminders for due dates, which helps me manage my finances better.")


Palawan Pawnshop Group offers the best and winning solutions for any financial transaction or financial needs. Customers can pawn their jewelry with high appraisal value and avail of a very low-interest rate of as low as 1%, giving them the advantage of saving more. They have a tiered interest rate system with only 1% for a loan of 11 days, 2% for 22 days, and 3% for 33 days. The pawnshop also sends text reminders to customers on their due and renewal dates, preventing them from incurring additional fees. Customers can also opt to renew their pawned items at any of the 3,300 Palawan Pawnshop branches nationwide. 


“I recently started using PalawanPay for my online transactions, and it has significantly helped me in managing my finances. Napaka affordable ng cash-in fees nila and pinakanagustuhan ko is yung nakakapagpadala ako instantly ng pera sa aking pamilya sa probinsya at madali nila itong natatanggap sa pinakamalapit na Palawan Express Pera Padala branch,” says Roda, a call center agent, and a delighted PalawanPay user.

("I recently started using PalawanPay for my online transactions, and it has significantly helped me in managing my finances. The cash-in fees are very affordable, and I love that I can instantly send money to my family in the province and they can easily cash out to the nearest Palawan Express Pera Padala branch.)" 

PalawanPay is an innovative e-wallet that offers a more affordable cash-in fee, up to 53% lower than other e-wallets, and provides free cash-in every month for transactions up to P10,000. It also offers other features such as mobile e-loading, bills payment, and payments to authorized merchants using the QRPH code. PalawanPay facilitates seamless online and offline transactions, enabling users to send and receive money through their mobile devices or Palawan Express Pera Padala's extensive network of over 10,000 branches and authorized agents. Both PalawanPay and Palawan Express Pera Padala provide a hassle-free and convenient option for sending and receiving money anytime, anywhere

“Mula nang kumuha ako ng ProtekTODO Insurance ng Palawan Pawnshop Group, mas nakumpiyansa ako dahil alam kong protektado ako sakaling may mangyaring aksidente. Kayang-kaya ng bulsa ang presyo at maraming plano na pwedeng pagpilian”, shares Mark, a motorcycle driver, and satisfied ProtekTODO customer. ("I availed of Palawan Pawnshop Group's ProtekTODO insurance, and it has given me peace of mind knowing that I am covered in case of accidents. It's very affordable and has flexible coverage plans.") 


Palawan ProtekTODO offers flexible and affordable coverage plans for Filipinos affected by unforeseen circumstances such as accidental death and disablement, dismemberment, accidental medical reimbursement, burial benefit, daily hospital confinement due to accidents, and fire assistance.

By offering a range of services that complement each other, Palawan Pawnshop Group ensures that customers are being well taken care of and that they won’t have to choose amongst the different service features and benefits for their financial needs. With Palawan Pawnshop, customers can enjoy both high appraisal rates and low-interest rates giving them the best of both worlds. PalawanPay and Palawan Express Pera Padala provide a convenient online and offline platform available for customers to conduct their financial transactions such as pera padala, bills payment, and e-loading. Sukis can instantly send money to their loved ones through the PalawanPay app, and recipients can receive the funds through the app or cash out at any Palawan Express Pera Padala branch making it a one-stop-shop for their financial transactions. Additionally, ProtekTODO offers affordable and flexible personal insurance coverage providing customers with peace of mind. These four business services work hand-in-hand to give customers a wide variety of benefits such as low rates, high appraisal, convenience, security, fast transactions, and even insurance which assure them that they made the best choice and that they will always be winners with Palawan. 

To experience the best winning solution for all your financial needs, visit your nearest Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express Pera Padala branch, or download PalawanPay on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Join the millions of "Sukis" who enjoy the Palawan Pawnshop Group brand of service that is “mura”, “mabilis”, and “walang kuskos balungos” (affordable, fast, and hassle-free).


Palawan Pawnshop, Palawan Express, PalawanPay and Palawan ProtekTODO are supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For more information, go to Palawan Pawnshop and PalawanPay Websites.


  1. Subok na maaasahan talaga ang Palawan Express bukod sa mabilis na transaction maganda pa ang kanilang services.


  3. Agree po, ang instant ng pera padala with Palawan. Ang bongga din ng sangla nila kasi ang baba ng interest rate. Convenient din ang paggamit ng PalawanPay.

  4. Yay the best tlaga ang palawan . Gusto ko ung kanilang protektodo insurance ang ganda ng mga benefits and tlga naman very helpful ito .


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