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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bang & Olufsen Opens at Shangri-La--Its Biggest Store in Southeast Asia

I've heard about Bang & Olufsen for quite a while but was only able to experience it first hand while shopping at the Abu Dhabi Mall last year.

The store, just like the brand, stood out from the other shops for its brilliantly designed and elegant interiors and  everyone who came out of their store was raving about their headphones, speakers, and  earplugs.

I went in and tried out one of their headphones then and immediately noticed the crisp and clear sounds even without tweaking the equalizer. Simply put it was one of the clearest headphones I tried and it was as if the artist was singing right next to you whispering the lyrics into your ear.

Thankfully, I don't have to go back to Abu Dhabi to relive that short Bang & Olufsen experience as the brand finally opened its first Philippine store at the East wing of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

True to The Bang and Olufsen Mission:  "Give people sound the way the artist intended it - no tweaks, no extra crappy bass... just sound the way it was recorded by the musicians, ” the Danish provider of premium, high quality audio and video products finally establishes its local presence with the opening of its new showroom.

The new Bang & Olufsen showroom in the Philippines promises to bring to its customers an extraordinary
 experience. The 149 square metres store has been certified to master and offer solutions in an exclusive store concept where Bang & Olufsen products will integrate with other elements in the store.

BeoSound 8

This form 2 headphones have been on the market since 1985. This built to last legend have ear pads that press against the ears, still letting outside noise in and the music you’re listening to out. They tend to be slightly lighter and smaller than over-ears.

Form 2

Beolit 12 Portable Music System

Blueprint Evolution Concept.

The store concept is based on the Bang & Olufsen blueprint evolution shop concept characterized by understated Scandinavian quality with furnishings in blonded maple. All the individual elements that make the
 Blueprint Evolution shop concept have been designed with an attention to detail and to a level of quality that matches Bang & Olufsen’s minimalistic design.

As a design-conscious company, Bang & Olufsen harbours an inherent respect for the architecture and originality of a building. When developing new shops we respect traditional local building methods and always try to retain and emphasize the special characteristics of a given building, street or area. Each element of a Bang & Olufsen shop is created to ensure that the customer receives the best possible impression of the brand. From the discrete, sleek facade with its fibre optic lettering through to the simple yet stylish shop layout, every visit to a Bang & Olufsen shop will be an unforgettable experience.

The environment inside the shop is accessible and welcoming. It projects excellence through the carefully researched colour schemes and the selective use of quality materials. The materials used include bright maple wood, natural aluminium, white corian and glass. These combine to create a fresh, bright and well-lit Scandinavian setting in which the Bang & Olufsen products are presented.

Bang & Olufsen at the Edsa Shangri-la Plaza mall will be the first in Philippines to features the new B&O Play retail wall and interactive table display to highlight the new  B&O Play Collection. B&O Play is the sister brand of Bang & Olufsen - which offers portable, entry level products that accentuate the hallmark of B&O competencies of superior sound  performance and strong design aesthetics. Further, B&O play provides premium listening and viewing experiences to digitally connected design fans.

Visit the showroom at Unit 2326-2327 Level 2 East Wing Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City, Philippines to experience the true BeoLiving.

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