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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Final Reveal: Oreo Tastes Better

Question Answered: Oreo is Better Together, Rain of Oreos Show Why Oreo Tastes Better

Oreo is the well loved favorite chocolate cookie with the creamiest  creme by children and adults alike. No one does it better than Oreo, and the big reveal was made during its launch at SM Megamall Activity Center.

To beat the oncoming summer heat, well-loved cookie brand Oreo made it rain at the SM Megamall activity center last March 28, 2014. However, instead of a gloomy drizzle, it was a shower of real chocolate cookie and the creamiest creme that make up Oreo cookies.

Oreo recently launched its Better Together campaign, finally answering the question, “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?”

“In Oreo’s over one hundred years of existence, people have been arguing if it’s the real chocolate cookie or the creamiest creme that makes Oreo delicious,” said Oreo Senior Brand Manager Andrei Soriano. “While they are both already so delicious by themselves; Oreo’s real chocolate cookie and creamiest creme are simply better together. That’s why we love Oreos. The distinct taste of its cookie parts makes Oreo really and truly more delicious. ” he concluded.

The SM Megamall Event Center where the big reveal was held was completely decked out in the fresh blue, white, dark brown color-scheme of Oreo. A running tally among people present asked the question “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?” Was it the real chocolate cookie, the creamiest creme, or both?

After an explosive and exciting performance from the Philippine All-Stars, guests were treated to some fun games and activities. The most notable of which was the Oreo dispenser wherein guests were given all the free Oreos they wanted.

Finally to answer the question, “Why Does Oreo Taste Better?” the highlight of the day was revealed. It was a jaw-dropping spectacle, involving two gigantic OREO cookie halves – with the real chocolate cookie and the creamiest creme coming together in a burst of confetti and fanfare to show that Oreos do indeed taste better together!

To the delight of the event-goers, 200 Oreo packs tied to fresh blue balloons fell down from the ceiling and landed amongst the crowd. Special white balloons also gave 3 audience members the prize of a giant Oreo and milk couch set!

This huge and delicious couch set can also be yours plus a 40” Samsung LED Smart TV and an Xbox 360 with Kinect by joining the Oreo Better Together Facebook promo at

OREO Brand Manager Andrei Soriano (center right) pose with The Philippine All-Stars and his team.

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